Can’t believe I’ve made the daily and banal threads today.


Cut my finger last night while opening up my shit pizza. It’s sore and my hands are really cold.

Just made some tea.

Hurry up 5pm.

Going to make a cup of tea and see what cakes are left in the kitchen. Brb.

Shit week. House party in Camberwell tonight, looking forward to a drink.

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I had a muffin for my breakfast, a bar of Galaxy after my lunch, and Dave brought in birthday cake.

Do I birthday cake?

Prefer pepperoni myself, but whatever floats your goat.

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I’m going to make some tea now

Got to have a “development and feedback discussion” with my boss in 20 minutes. I find this kind of stuff excruciating so I am currently filled with dread


Christ, sounds awful. Hate those things. My favourite colleague (and actual proper lovely friend) is leaving soon and I think he / my boss wants me to go for his job, which I will, but jfc the level of awkwardness I’m finding in talking about it is shite.

I was going to go with my usual Papa Roach reference

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Mate’s having a moan at me for not going out because we’re both broke

:hugs: bah whinging too much isn’t it.

Lemon drizzle, coffee and walnut AND carrot cake. What a time to be alive.



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which did you go for??


Hiya everyone :wave: :blush:

Finally got an idea down for my secret santa. Hope it looks as good as it does in my head. Probably not. Going to spend Saturday doing that and other Christmas related thingsss… blaaah OR, I could do it on Sunday instead and do my 12th Munro tomorrow :grimacing: That would mean I hit my target… I DUNNO WHAT TO DO GAAAAH.

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mate that cake looks MOIST.


Just had some lemon drizzle, was good, would eat again

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