Got some fizzy water here.


Eating a plain Jacob’s Cream Cracker as we speak


I should be asleep. Or maybe not? Who even know


On its own?


I had soup for lunch and I’m already hungry again.


Yep. They’re my go-to work snack. I like dry foods anyway, but it’s obviously banal.


Someone’s left a load of various homemade Christmas biscuits in the kitchen and I have been DESTROYING them.


Having a tea

The bad foot/ shoe smell is still in the office. I’m getting paranoid people will think it’s me


Just sneezed
Might have a cup of tea
My arms are cold


Just drinking some water, processing motor tax payments. Very interesting stuff.


Lot of banal-ing going on here today, great work everyone :ok_hand:


Gonna have a coffee and book tickets for crywank tomorrow night even though I’m suspiciously low on funds


Seems a bit wasteful, why not eat them?


Not sure if I should go to yoga after my spin class.

It’s a nice yoga class

It finishes at 8:45 which means I won’t get home til 9:15. Then I have to eat, shower and wind down.


sounds like too much effort to me


*parp! *


Doing my expenses as a diversion from formatting a report. Ultra banal.


:drum: :dvd:


Googling loft storage boxes. Surprisingly expensive, aren’t they?


For how long a period?