how long til a beer?

  • Under an hour
  • 1-2 Hours
  • 3-5 Hours
  • No beer for me

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gonna have one in ten minutes

Just got back to parents in Wales. Heading to the supermarket shortly. Basically only going to be able to put a couple of fancy beers in the trolley.

if i had beer i’d open one but gotta wait for the tv to pick some up on the way home

Packed up everything on my desk

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Got to do some end of day stuff here and then I’m smashing a beer on the walk home.

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Beer?! Christ I’m already on the vino :grinning:


Oh shit not quite in the habit of posting public photos of strangers I don’t know just yet but a family just walked past with a stack of pizzas, massive ones, at least three.
Fucking so jealous

OH YES. Just realised I left beer in the practice space too. FUCK YES.

lock a poo in the drawers and take the key with you

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Still on US time so more like 6-7 hours for me.

Just saw a Dad walking his kids home and he was wearing khaki shorts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t know if I’ll beer or not.

Out the door here by 5.15, home by 6.

Quite fancy a pizza, and our local has a pizza van outside on a Friday night.

But we’ll probably spend all day in the pub tomorrow, so :thinking:


STRAIGHT to the pub after work. Just like old times.

working 8-8 tomorrow, better take it easy on the beers tbh

2 hours later

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oh fuck it’s st patrick’s friday, as if i’m gonna go outside


Going to be making a dent in this lot tonight.


Working 5-12.30 but in a pub so I reckon I’ll make it til about 8pm before pouring myself one.