My feet are too hot.

How are your extremities doing, temperature-wise?

About ideal, thanks

Wow I really need to get some work

absolutely fine tbh

Surprisingly fine. The temperature in the office has been just right for the last few days.

I need a pair of

bit of a rollercoaster here. quite chilly outside but boiling inside this portacabin, but we have the windows open and the air con turned up full. i’m wearing thick boot socks as they’re the only clean ones i have left. net result: hands slightly warm, feet very warm.

in other news, i just walked to the co-op to buy a dr pepper.

Get any snacks to go with that?

had something very banal to say earlier but I’ve forgotten it.

I’m too lazy to go to the shop so I satisfied my snack attack cravings with a cup of tea and a single spoonful of Reese’s chocolate peanut butter, straight into my mouth

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I got someone’s IP address wrong, jumped onto some random’s machine, closed a couple of their windows, opened another and then fucked off when I realised.


please provide an update

someone brought us all pastries a bit ago, some kind of danish/cinnamon thing. still got the bag on the go from yesterday, might raid it in a bit but i believe that all the gold bars have gone.

I’ve run out of work to do, as our network and email has been down all day. I got by doing some paperwork but now I’ve given up.

You need a pair of women’s feet?

I need a pair of Hermanos.

All parts of my body are at an adequate temperature.

I might start the end of day reports early, absolutely nothing happening in here.

so, so bored

plotted a bike ride for tonight, should be nice, might get a pint(s) on the way home

I have eaten 1200 calories worth of chocolate coated nuts n raisins this afternoon!

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UPDATE: I’ve taken my shoes off for a bit and my feet are now returning to an acceptable temperature.