fuck i’m bored
shouldn’t have cycled to work cause i cba to cycle home

Very upset about the state of this apple I’ve been saving. Still gonna eat it.

got 4 hours left of work. watching abba live videos. :man_shrugging:

Really want a nap. Tried to nap earlier but some shitehawk phoned me before I fell asleep.

Favourite Abba song? Been enjoying King Kong Song lately.

Actually might get some crisps instead.

changes by the day but Head Over Heels at the minute



Going to a mates for dinner tomorrow innit.


My pencil has the word niceday on it.

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Also, supposed to go to Streatham tonight for :clock830:

Je suis cba

So there’s a mother and son (about 18-19) working in our warehouse. Ordinarily this would be fine but they spend literally all of their time together. They work about 3 feet apart, take lunch at the same time and always go out and smoke together.

  • Weird
  • Not weird

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Impossible choice.

not heard that one lol

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I have an anxiety belly ache/feeling sick but it could also be hunger who knows

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been wondering to myself if Madame Tussauds is any good recently

It is not.


I love that you love Abba. People who like them are 100% better people.


cycling is better than getting the train tho mate

i’ve got loads of work here to do but i’m not really doing any of it :woman_shrugging:

Bored at work. Pretty much stopped working now

Got told we need to label every email according to its sensitivity and confidentiality in anticipation of a boring audit next month. Just another reason to send fewer emails init?