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@Epimer what chance does Hotel Choclat have of convincing the authorities or Waitrose to change their chocolate bars?

thanks you’ve helped me make my decision

I used to say I was gonna put on an Abba night in my hometown and I would kick anyone out who I thought was enjoying it ironically.


honestly don’t get why people don’t like them


‘Hot-tempered dispute’

Who is the one at the top supposed to be?

I’ve got ice cream and it is BANGIN

Enjoy your visit!

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Mr Bean I think.

nice work, witches

I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be Bean or Cumberbatch.

It’s Parmaviolet flavour :blush:

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love a PV


Train’s delayed, should I go to Greggs?

  • Greggs-ellent idea
  • Nah

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I’ve not seen the design registration or either of the products, so… dunno. But, speaking as a consumer of chocolate, the wavey edge thing sounds pretty distinctive to me and the kind of thing the average consumer would notice.

So between their registered design right and also a passing off action, I reckon they’ve got a decent chance.

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Fudge donut

Seven yum-yums.