how many drinks have you drunk today

a) different varieties
b) total number

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a) 3
b) 5

Good coffee, tea x3, office coffee, 7up free.

My name’s Epimer and I’m here to say

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sometimes i get free 7up if we’ve got leftovers from client meetings

Is it just 7up or are other soft drinks available?

a veritable plethora of soft drinks

3 and about 10.

do you think you could taste the difference between different brands of water?

  • y
  • n

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Would be fantastic bants to edit the opening post to say “number of times you’ve huffed your own farts today and average rating out of 10”.


Beers in the office today came out early.

I have no self-restraint.

Off out soon.

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a) 3
b) 5



four coffees, not enough water


Went to Tesco at lunch and they’ve got a board up at the front with a list of all the Engerland men’s world cup games in it, and I was going to take a photo of it and @ them on Twitter with it saying “why have you only listed England games and not Scotland ones your a BRITISH company so act like it!!!” but then I decided to not do that.


that was the emoji i was trying to find and i couldn’t remember what it was called

Water x 6

Took a half day off in the middle of the day to go to the dentist in town, went for yo sushi (takoyaki, crispy squid and nanbanuke) then bought a new skirt (see below). Back in work now and counting down till post work drinks later.


Two teas, one Coke zero

STRONG pattern :ok_hand: