Anyone got any nice vegetarian pasta recipes they wanna hit me up with?


No mate sorry. Felt sorry for your zero reply thread so thought I’d give it a nudge though.


Think I’m gunna do a slater pappardelle with puy lentils, basil and creme fraiche


cook pasta, add vegetables


I love lentils. Brilliant things.


The man in the service station Burger King upgraded my regular fries to large for free, so I’m feeling pretty gosh darn cute right now.


Really wish I hadn’t winked at him when he told me, though.



Does anyone have a juicer?

I’m thinking of getting a juicer


I used to…then they started making me ill…

…think ive got lentilitus

(should have totally made this its own thread)


Italians get very angry about those 1pot pasta recipes


used to have one. Never really used it. Got rid. Cool story eh !


I imagine my future juicer will go the same way


Nigella or Jamie were doing a pesto dish that looked really nice the other day, normal pesto recipe but replacing pine nuts with toasted almonds and Parmesan with pecorino then adding in lots of nice cherry tomatoes. Reckon that would really nice with some gazza b and a glass of crisp white wine.

I’m working v late with another colleague to get all out handover done so we’re going to get some tasty deliveroo.


Had one but it was such a pain to clean! Especially carrot pulp oh my god that crap got everywhere


tbf I am not really a fan of them. But this one is good ONLY if you follow the exact quantities. Otherwise its just plain pasta and kale.


I am lazy…but I want juice!
Well I want ginger juice. I wish they sold just ginger juice like they do orange juice.


All I know about juicers is not to buy a nutri-bullet because the company is (part?) owned by David Wolfe, who’s an internet anti-science person.


We’re probably getting an Italian couple as our new housemates and I’m a bit worried they’ll be loud and messy. Am I just being a massive racist?


alright? dunno what’s for dinner tonight. not much in + away this weekend isn’t it