When comparing the last 3 weeks to the rest of your life, what ratio of people carrying fans do you think you have seen?

I’m going 57:1


It is true. Only specific pastas like ravioli are ever fresh in Italy. Spaghetti, penne etc are always dry. Italians must think the weird varieties of fresh pasta supermarkets sell here are so weird.

But the more expensive dry pastas are well worth the extra I think


I haven’t seen any fan carrying in the last three weeks - I work in an air conditioned office, drive to work, and haven’t been out and about when it’s been super hot. I have seen fans in the past though, so maybe 0:20


Yes. These two:


My mouth is watering

Wish I could remember how to cook


I might be in the worst place on Earth. A dance class for my son with photo shoot before. There are mothers and dance teachers and children and siblings of children screaming and running everywhere. My son has been taken so I am alone, sitting in the one place I can sit and still in the way. One more hour to go. Fuck.

Not a reply to Weebs, just a cry for help.


Since we’re on the pasta subject

Look at this shit


I haven’t had that top one in ages, because we went through a patch of cooking it virtually every week. It really is delicious.


Went to a cocktail bar where the straws were pasta

EDIT: once.


I’m not having it!


There’s a lot going on there, and none of it good


Is it where they’re trying to make PASTRAWS a thing?

I probably would have gone with STRAWSTA


Have you called Liam Neeson?


He’d be shit scared in here.


My wife calls woodlice Slaters. This would therefore be grim.