47 minutes.

Just swallowed a cherry stone accidentally.


I realised how people do the sexy cherry trick. It’s a cheat.


Been trying to get hold of our support guy for some some hosted software all day. No one is answering. They’ve bollocksed everything up and I can’t get it fixed


sorry can’t find a better clip but thanks for reminding me of rugrats


I’m still thinking about my neighbour’s cock quite a lot.


didnt @meowington learn how to do this once?


i don’t even want to know


I do! And I can! But I have developed a fear of choking from almost choking whilst doing it so I try not to any more


bit annoying this isn’t suitable for the posts that are funnier out of context thread


I’m going to wash my bike in a minute - I’ve done a fair bit of cleaning and tidying all over today

Going for something to eat with water bottle girl later, so that’s nice


Some grimmy in the train has just tucked into a plastic pack of chicken skewers

People looking for where the stench is coming from