Dunno about you but I need a bit of a break from the Brexit thread for something a bit less bonkers.

I keep feeling like my glasses aren’t sitting right and go to adjust them. I’m wearing contacts today.

I thought I’d got out of this thing I have to go to later by not RSVPing on time but my pal said it probably doesn’t matter. Now I feel a bit anxious about turning up when I RSVP’d late. I don’t even want to fucking go! Stupid brain.

What is it?
If theres loads of people and it’s a networking thing, it won’t be a problem i’m sure

Might go home in a min

Just ate an orange (as opposed to a clementine) for the first time in years. Was exceptionally sour and a bit of a mission to get through.

You’re not meant to eat the skin


Launch of a new archive at the BFI. Only going cos my pal works there. I won’t know anyone. Hope there’s some free food.

Knew I could rely on you for a pithy response


I refuse to engage with puns!

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Posting about engaging = acknowledging the pun :wink:

My current book is really boring me and therefore is taking me ages to finish it.

Anyone got any good new exciting books I can try pls?

I’ve got a great recommendation if you’re into books with whole chapters about orbital mechanics.

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Basically, Corbyn’s the villain.

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YES. I am having a Rough Day. Bang up for some banal.

I saw some wag on Twitter earlier post about how they were enjoying watching the series finale of The UK :+1:

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Very close to what Theresa’s going to say to Philip later.

Ha! I missed you, lads.

maybe canada only have one brand of deo

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Just dropped and smashed my office-based cafetière :pensive: