18 minutes left and I’m suddenly on a roll with this article. Idiot brain.

I have food in the fridge. Remind me to take it home with me.

How about you? Got anything you need to take home? AOB?

I’ve got a sore finger

I’ll swap you.


She’d look pretty silly with a bollock on her hand


45 mins til office pizza and beers
2.5 hours til avengers

I’ve got to take a picture frame in a massive box home on the tube :pensive: Not sure if I can be arsed tonight actually. That’s a problem for Monday’s J_I.

Still feeling utterly bummed and the next week is not going to get any better. Going to go to body pump in a bit just so I feel something other than miserable.

To the tune of feel it by the tamperer



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Scout, take that food in the fridge home with you


A group of co-workers are moving to a different site today and I will be the only clerk here. Super sad about it.

Staying in an extra hour to print out my study notes. Might listening to something blistering and caustic to motivate me.

@scout remember the food!

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I put Ben Frost’s A U R o R A on earlier and it really helped.

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Got it!

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For some reason I have a promo CD copy of that at home. Cracking album alright. I see that the new Sunn 0))) is on Spotify so that’s it for me!

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o ))) rly?

I’m about to eat some soup


bunch of old dears behind me talking about how none of them want to make it past 90 as it would be too grim. what a cheery conversation.

now they’ve moved on to how there’s too many immigrants here :upside_down_face:

fuck sake

Ever go for a wee cos you need one just a little bit and it is something to do, but then get surprised at how big a wee you’ve done?

  • Yeah, baby!
  • No, baby!

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Some git drove a lorry into a bridge so getting home should be fun.

The new Billy Woods album is astonishingly good though.

I’m colossalhorse and these are the things I have been thinking about for the past few minutes.

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