not been round these parts much recently. crba.

anyway, there’s some doughnuts here and people have started cutting them INTO QUARTERS ffs. idiots.


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How many you having? 2… 3…?

Girlfriend brought an entire pizza home from work with her yesterday after a meeting had some leftovers :smiley:

i had one earlier, gonna wait until everyone leaves before eating the last one :grimacing:

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You all planned and packed for the weekends BBR?

no i am not, that’s tonight’s fun

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not sure if this is banal or not but it’s nice to see you niki

hello bammers, how are you and what happened to your avatar

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got in a grump about my face so deleted it. Thought i might be more humble with a generic icon. Didn’t work :slight_smile:

you’re a silly ninny

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Nearly wrote aye but that feels a bit wrong I’m from Northants not Scotland


got a delivery of WHEY and forgot a also ordered a protein easter egg as it was mega reduced

and no, i don’t really know what that is. but there’s two protein bars with it so might eat one now.

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think that’s probably just an egg

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did you take your protein powder home from madge of are the villa owners currently bulking up?

That’s just wrong

Edit: cutting up doughnuts, not the entire thread. I am not competent with Reply buttons


Ask DiS: why does the mere thought of doing coursework or being productive give me such an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion before I’ve even started anything

(not sure this fits theme of thread)

wasn’t much left, but brought it home

it’s a pretty big egg if so

protein ostrich

well, this went well

cya all somewhen :wave: