please do not post pictures of your bums, but instead tell me these three things:

  1. how comfy is the chair you’re sitting in?
  2. what plans have you for this eve?
  3. what you fancy for tea?

optional: how long you got til :beers:

  1. 6/10. Back rest is too far back, seat is sloping slightly forwards for some reason, but good level of comfort from the upholstery.
  2. Cinema. 2 films apparently. Both booked by Mrs Z
  3. Dunno exactly. Some kind of junk food most likely.

Bonus answer: At least 24 hours. Not planning on drinking today.

  1. 7/10 - Pretty good as far as work chairs go, one of only two chairs that are decent in this office. Unfortunately it isn’t the one I normally have, so it loses a point or two for that.
  2. Beer. Bath. Xbox.
  3. Woman is having her hair done so I’m eating alone. Will see if anything takes my fancy in the staff shop here, otherwise I’m fancying fish fingers, chips and peas.
  1. 8/10. Standard office chair, but I’ve got the back support SPOT ON
  2. Cycle home, play squash, try and persuade my son to go to bed, cook & eat dinner then fall asleep drinking beer and watching Daredevil.
  3. For tea tonight I will mostly be eating black pepper tofu
  1. chair = not very comfy
  2. drink all the beers
  3. burger

about 15 mins

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  1. It’s alright. Not super comfy but not so uncomfortable I notice it often.
  2. Blade Runner, some other movies, maybe sneak in some gaming.
  3. Not sure. Maybe a curry.

Debating whether to drink tonight. The smart money is on me having a beer around 6.30ish while the gf looks on disapproving as I’ve got to take the car to the garage in the morning. Wildcard option - might try and convince her to go to the pub.

Chair is a solid six out of ten. Barely notice it’s there but I wouldn’t say it’s comfy.
Heading straight to the airport from work to go to Glasgow for my niece’s christening. I’m still not sure if I’m the godfather or not.
Will have Itsu for dinner because it’s easily the best option at Stansted.

  1. mildly comfy. It spins which is a bonus
  2. Family are coming home for the weekend so I’m gonna go buy some fancy beer or something from somewhere and then drink it.
  3. My dad made Focaccia bread so no matter what the actual meal is I’ll be having that

BONUS ROUND: about 3 hours I reckon!

  1. Very - it’s some super customisable top of the range office wankery.
  2. Convince thinly veiled to watch at least one horror film as part of SHOCKTOBER. She won’t watch anything actually properly scary however.
  3. Will prolly get take out. Maybe curry?

Optional extra: not got any beer chilled in the fridge at home :scream: Rather than wait for anything to chill down properly, I’ll probably drink a cellar temperature beer in, I would estimate, 2 hours and 10 minutes…


Thread title sounds pretty Oligarch

  • pretty sure this chair is just some ikea bollocks but it’s actually quite comfy 8/10
  • pub and food, then earlyish night i reckon
  • probably seiten burger \m/

reckon i’ll get to the pub at 7, drink 2/3 beers, in bed for 10 hopefully

nalgas means buttocks in case that wasn’t clear

Bonus question: might have a drink at around half seven but I’m not really a fan of airport beers so probably not.

You’ve got a degree in buttocks?

i always have one but never enjoy them as much as i think

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Don’t really want to have something gassy before heading into a bunch of pressure changes where I’m not able to burp and/or fart freely.

i find it hard to believe you would attempt to stifle your farts and/or burps in any situation

I never burp in public, that’s uncouth.

  1. Zero comfort (rubbish bar stool)
  2. Zero plans apart from eating lots of charcuterie and drinking wine
  3. Just a black tea for me

Not beer, but WINES are already happening -


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