1. last thing you put in your mouth
  2. last thing you put in your ears


  1. salted caramel green tea
  2. wolves in the throne room
  • the tip of one of my fingers
  • earphones
  1. The last free-from rocky road mini bite.
  2. The paperclip I keep on my desk specifically for scratching/cleaning my ears. Don’t judge me.

i can’t promise anything

  1. water
  2. finger
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A hula hoop crisp

My fingers to try and pop my ears

  1. cup of tea.
  2. Adam Buxton waffling away.

How’s the tea going? I’ve only ever had lemon green tea or lonesome green tea. I am suspicious of salted caramel green tea.

meh. i’m not really a big tea drinker. been working my way through this packet for ages now.

Tea (Yorkshire)
Earphones (currently listening to a Noam Chomsky lecture)


diet coke
misty blue - dorothy moore

I admire your dedication. If it was me it would have been shoved to the back of the tea cupboard a long, long time ago. Much like the Lapsang Souchong that made everything in my food cupboard at uni taste like bonfires.

  • One piece of a Yorkie bar.
  • Tip of little finger on my right hand.


everybody out!!


might work late tonight so that i don’t miss beers with DiSers tomorrow. the things i do for you lot!!!

Finger for both.

  1. a ginger nut
  2. small finger on my right hand.

thought about expanding the scope of the original post to cover other orifices but decided against it