ice cream van’s outside

don’t think i can make it

There are no banals in Ireland


got stuff in the fridge i need to take home with me

i’ll probably forget won’t i

anything decent

only thing worse than caving in and going for the ice cream van is caving in and going for the ice cream van but not making it and just seeing it drive off into the distance




This is indeed the saddest song ever sung. Commiserations.

someone’s making a curry!!

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don’t think i’ve seen/heard a mobile ice cream van for years, so haven’t even had the chance to have one

there’s usually a stationary one outside the big tesco I’ll be going to tomorrow, but seems like a weird place to get an ice cream - am I supposed to eat it whilst shopping? hang around in the car park eating it?

couldn’t find any scamorza

last time i went it was an absolute rip, like fucking £4* for a shit small ice cream or something

*have made this number up but it was a lot. way more than you would pay for a magnum for example and a magnum would have been better

alright @Ballgeese


God I want some ice cream now

  • no more food
  • no, more food

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Havent i done well


Probably go, Overground, Victoria Line, Central Line I think

oh ffs

i paid like £5 for a magnum at the cricket last year :confused: it was super hot and sunny and i don’t think i’ve ever had a nicer magnum, but still.

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Ice cream is something I always think I’ll like and then after two mouthfuls it’s really disappointing and I’m done.

Got two scoops last week and barely touch them.

The sauce and the flake on a cone is always much better

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everyone is entitled to their opinion but yours is wrong

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