It’s delayed five min but there’s load of people on the platform so I don’t like my chances. I’ve got comfy shoes on just in case (it’s a great look)



It’s a miracle!

Nearly impulse bought an original Matisse print there.

Weird afternoon.

Just had some Herrs buffalo blue cheese puffs, a Tesco sticky toffee cookie and some birthday cake flavour Flipz as a snack there. Sloppy Joe’s for tea using a tin of sauce I got from an American place. I’m basically @NeilYoung now.


:hushed::hushed:whats it look like? That would be a good flex

I’d just spent £2.45 on some smoked garlic so it seemed like a logical next step.


Think I’m gonna get some stubbies

*checks watch*

Two points of order: 1) i ate my entire pack of snyder’s 2) there is one control panel that controls the aircon for my room and the next one and the twat next door keeps turning it off meaning mine gets boiling hot. How annoying is that? Very annoying is how annoying that is.

I thought you’d like to know that I’ve been cutting down on my caffeine intake this week. Just one mug of tea and a diet coke today. Headaches haven’t been too bad.


That doesn’t seem like an unreasonable price by any means (not that I’m a valuer of artwork or anything)

I’m only using 5 cloves for my curry though.

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Leafy by name, leafy by dress


Nice kicks!

Omfg… I have a new hero. The kid at the tennis (apparently its a big deal, these players, this game?) just absolutely engrossed in his book. We are one :heart:
Really wish I could’ve seen what he was reading though.

Nb. I am not watching the tennis, I’ve been reading. @avery spotted it and alerted me immediately.

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Should I wear eyeliner tonight?

  • No, you plum, it’ll melt off your face anyway
  • Yes, spend 10 minutes doing it, then another ten re-doing it, only for it to melt off immediately

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Love that kid. He’s got a centre court seat for the first Federer vs Nadal match at Wimbledon in what, 11 years or something crazy and he’s just sat there reading.

Absolute legend.
Remember that time I was sat a few metres away from Dave Grohl, in the VIP bar/lounge at Live Earth, just reading my book.

(you weren’t there but remember the time I told you about it)

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