🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻

Following last year’s example…

Here’s a thread for Vegan stuff that’s not veganuary.

So, I’m totally sticking with it.

I spent three days travelling and found the following:

  • Tebay and Gloucester services, owned by the same mob, have no too bad sandwiches and wraps.
  • M&S do a good series of vegan wraps too, if you’re stuck on a service station.
  • Christ, BBQ Pringles are vegan. That’s dangerous.
  • Wagamama’s vegan stuff was pretty good.
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen (not my choice)'s vegan “Hippy Dippy” was pure shite don’t go there.
  • Breakfast at a hotel with a fully cooked meal and I had grilled mushrooms, toast and beans, was a very good test of my mettle.

Anyway, really enjoying this and feel the benefits. Farting though has gone up.

I always order toast and marmite / beans / avocado etc. and then forget to specify no butter. Sometimes you just get a couple of plastic pots which you can return and hope they don’t throw away, but other times they serve up a gigantic slab of the stuff on a separate plate, more than you could ever hope to use even if you were some sort of butter maniac.

Apart from the leftover cream on new year’s day, the accidental spoonful of lactose-free (not dairy-free) cream cheese, and half a quesadilla that was destined for the bin, my January was vegan.

Definitely going to keep it up as best I can.

Would really to get some of these pizzas but no stockists that close:

This stuff is really great:


I’m looking for what to do with smoked extra firm tofu!
I picked some up by the brand I like and I’m not sure what to do with it. Ideas pls!

I usually hate mayonnaise but this stuff is the best. I mostly eat veggie sausages as a carrier for it.

This was actually great btw.

Can’t remember who posted it (maybe @1101010 or @anon50098204)

Is her book mostly vegan friendly?
i have tried two of her things so far and loved them so i’m hoping!

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From what I remember, a lot of it is vegan and if it isn’t she suggests an alternative to make it vegan, or advises what to leave out (even though it’s usually obvious!)

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We make that pasta one all the time (did tonight in fact). Most (all?) of it is vegan if you swap out the cheese. Great books and full of simple ideas too

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It’s so simple and so nice!! I had it last night as well. It doesn’t look like it would be a lot but it comes out so delicious.
I made her bean cassoulet with sourdough croutons too.

Hate to say that I thought she may just be one of those styleised instagrammy cooks but i’m impressed and now like her and will now be obsessed with her sorry anna if you’re reading this
i judged you and i shouldn’t have judged you


We made that recently. It.was.amazing

I had loads leftover and found myself being like “i’d better just eat all the sourdough crouton bits in order to preserve it well”

uh heaven

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We have all three of her books. They’re really well presented. She has these grids of small ideas in them too, like one has a stir fry one that’s made ours much better.

I think she learned from Jamie Oliver so she has his flair for simplicity too

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I did the exact same thing! We’ve got A Modern Way to Eat and cook loads from it. Anna’s great!

CARBS :heart:

I think i’ll defo be getting that book then. Everything seems very comforting and i’m all about that life anna you got me girl.

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Just been to get a vegetable curry i’ve been having for the last year and a half.

They’ve just changed the recipe to make it vegan…the previous one very much wasn’t.

:woman_shrugging: shit happens


Gonna have to make this again now you’re all banging on about it. Was pretty disappointing when I made it.

I don’t know what is going on, but Morrisons have a shit tonne of premade vegan options. Even Heck fucking "meat"balls and Gosh stuff. And a frozen section utterly full.

Quite impressive for living in this backwater.

The Mildreds Vegan cookbook is out today. Looking forward to flicking through it and then making none of the recipes because of the single obscure ingredient they rely on.

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