🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


don’t provoke the thug chef


Yeah, I was heading more towards a well seasoned pan than the teflon type, I’ll fuck you up, yo!


You didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose you


Yeah I’ve got 3 (all?) of their books and once you get past the wankery the recipes are pretty good.


↑ thug brother


I also bought this on your recommendation and am loving it. It’s great that they are all just recipes you can throw in a dish and bung in the oven.

Made the Thai curry and the Tomato Orzo yesterday. The Orzo one was particularly delicious

Thanks for the tip on the book!


It’s veggie week at Lidl and they’ve got lots of vegan stuff in appazas


Finally got round to trying the Vivera steak last night. Nothing like a steak (lacks the depth and the, sorry to say, bloodlust satisfaction that is kinda unique to steak) but tasted like a newly discovered meat. Perhaps the best standalone fake meat I’ve had.

Would like to try it as a burger - reckon it could beat Linda Mccartney burgers, which I rate. FYI - home made spicy chimmichurri sauce with it, home fries, peas and a glass of red.


meal for one as my wife is a fully paid up member of the wholefoods massive.


I have now bought this book. That orzo thingy is getting destroyed!


I have now also bought that book, but am ambivalent about orzo generally.


I’m going to a barbeque tomorrow night. What’s the best burger / sausage / other bbq option that I can get in Central London?


Sainsbury’s new plant based burger and shroomdogs do great on a bbq

These bad boys



Does anyone have any good recipes for mung beans?

Bonus points if the recipe isn’t a curry but I do love a veggie curry.


I don’t have a recipe but I once made a mung bean bolognese which was pretty good. I guess you don’t really need a recipe for that though.



I hadn’t thought of a bolognese! Excellent work!


This stuff is really good.


The caramel pecan one is bumhat though, save yourself the disappointment.


Had some of those sainos shroom dogs for lunch just ‘fine’


I hate the skin on those. SazzaB’s are doing tofurky stuff now which is much nicer (lightly seasoned chicken in particular is nice sauteed) albeit pretty pricey.