🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Been eating meat substitutes for a loong time. I only gave up meat at start of the year and have (conveniently) discovered some of the best meat alternatives this year. This is probably boring but I have to bore someone with this.

Vivera steak - beautiful, had it with a home made chimmichura(?) sauce. Not like steak really, more like a new kind of meat. I think it could fool someone.

Vivera Pulled pork - had it with loads of sauce, so can’t vouch for realism, but certainly worked better than pulled jackfruit.

Mccartney shredded duck - made duck pancakes. Really really good. Obvious lacks the different consistencies of duck, but tasty af with hoisin sauce and a splash of maple syrup

Sainsbury Cumberland shroomdogs - first realistic veg sausage I’ve ever had - hint of apple - even the skin breaks convincingly - incredible.


I made the cashew cheese sauce yesterday for Isa’s Philly cheesesteak casserole: absolutely delicious.

I’ll be making it again!


big fan of this.


Cashew cheese >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any other kind of vegan cheese


I’m hard into these.



Oi @thewarn and @badvibes where are these coming from? And are they fresh? Frozen?


Previously frozen, now available in ‘kit’ form in the chilled section of 'trose and 'bos.

Annoying that they’ve changed it, as I used to like making the pancakes/you don’t get as much fake duck as you used to.


Ah, they don’t have it my sazzas. I scour the vege section every week. Will check out Wazza and Pazzas.

Many thanks.


I made a mac and cheese last night, v pleased with it.

I used this recipe, but with only 350g of macaroni, lots and lots more water in the sauce, oven roasted butternut squash chunks and jalapeños instead of mushrooms, and put half a teaspoon of nutmeg in the sauce instead of garlic powder.


Some places still do the frozen I think, sure I’ve still seen it…but yeah much prefer it, as could make my own sauce.


Not in my Waitrose!


Might have been the massive Tezzers, could have just been old stock too. :man_shrugging:


I go in a massive Tezzas too. This is a fucking conspiracy.

Almost as bad as when Sainsbury’s stopped stocking the pepperoni.


That looks both dank and peng


I’m staying vegan after giving it a go throughout September and enjoying it so much. I think this is one of the nicest chocolate bars I’ve ever tried, and it’s vegan too…



they are so bloody good


Vegan xmas?

  • Of course
  • Nah

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Would never get full family buy in. A few bits though.


I did vegan xmas last year but I dunno. I miss cheese too much and everyones enjoying cheese so I think I will let myself have a bit of cheese