🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Does anyone do a vegan green curry paste?


Although if you’re not flush (which I am not), copious amounts of free-from cheese spread on crackers is a good substitute.

Vegan cheese at Christmas advantages; if it’s a big do and there’s only one or two vegans, that means all the more for you, no battling everybody else at the table for a prime pick, no having to stuff yourself fast so you can get your fill before it’s gone.


Not really “of course”, because I weighed it up a lot, but I’ve decided that I’ll go vegan. There’ll still be meat for all the others, but I figure something like a nut roast and all the trimmings will be pretty decent. Plus it gives me an excuse to pig out and buy all the ludicrous vegan snacks, desserts, etc that will hopefully be flooding the market. Someone will make vegan pigs in blankets, right?


Been veggie for over 4 years now! And am closer to being vegan than i used to be! Getting better at not adding cheese to stuff, don’t drink milk or use dairy butter at all. Just need to explore some more cheese alternatives and sack off the eggs somehow


I’m lucky because I tend to do Christmas with just my partner and maybe my sister and we’re all vegan, so Christmas is easy for me compared to others. I’ve done Christmas once with family since going vegan and I decided to be flexible because the person doing the cooking was getting very stressed. I don’t think I could now though, I find I’m increasingly repulsed by the thought of eating animal products.


Good work, stick with it, this was me right before going fully vegan. I got shit from badge of honour vegans for a while but I found when I eventually did go fully vegan that I barely even noticed a change. It’s a good way to do it.

Got any examples of times when you’d make stuff with eggs? I/we in this thread could give you some suggestions for what to use instead.

I’ll be honest though, that instant easy satisfying food hit of just putting a perfectly fried egg on a slice of toast is hard to replace. Just the other night I sliced a carton of tofu into big flat rectangles and put them in the freezer. The idea is that when I want something really filling to make quickly I can get one out, fry it in oil with some salt, pepper, and chilli powder, and pop that on a sandwich.


frozen duck now appeared again in wazzingtons


Fucking hell. Don’t make me drive to the big WazPaz!


Anyone got a nice katsu recipe? I’ve become a bit obsessed with the vegan katsu curries in Tampopo and Wagamama.


My sister does, I will try and get it from her again.


Ok this is the recipe, obviously only the sauce and sub out the chicken stock for veg (my sister is a vege so I’m sure it works)


Brilliant, thank you!


Waitrose? Or some (other) lar-de-dar southern supermarket which doth not grace the fair planes of Failsworth?


decided to just be ok with eating cheese and non-vegan baked things

always non-dairy milk, try to only eat a few eggs a week and maybe cheese once or twice a week

if a cafe has a vegan option I will always go for that


remember on the ‘old boards’ when most replies would have just been people having a go at everyone for how they describe their diet

remember loads of users on here being quite anti-vegan and quite into policing how people talk about food

(obviously partly a product of people having to create some sort of hypocritical hate figure out of vegans so they can feel less bad about eating animals)


that’s great, eggs is the hardest one imo

if I didnt have a full time job I reckon I could do it but just dont have time right now to faff about with egg alternatives

been vegetarian for most of my life and genuinely can’t imagine ever eating meat again


Remember that time someone on old boards was moaning because of a work outing to a vegan restaurant? They said they didn’t like any vegan food, which is an odd statement.


Happens here too when I said I follow a vegan diet and was told it’s not a diet :roll_eyes:


I bought some farm eggs from a place in Cheshire where I met the hens and they were free and happy (I guess) and weren’t pressured into producing eggs which made me feel okay about eating them.

Then I came to Serbia and Romania and Greece (to a lesser extent) and been to several places where meat has been the only option :frowning:


Just had the Byron vegan burger at lunch. Pretty poor. The jackfruit was nice but the bean patty was like something from Wimpy in the 80s. Might try the beet one, but so hard to look beyond the Honest offering now.