🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


‘He’s had support from fellow journalists, including Times restaurant critic Giles Coren’



This one is the nuts.


That superdrug range is cruelty free. They do a gentle one but it doesn’t get off my eyeko mascara.

Feel free to ask about any other CF stuff! I have everything CF and vegan and there are loads of great brands out there!


I mix it up quite a lot but when I do just wanna take off my whole face in one go, I use this. It’s so nice!


Amazing, thank you! Slowly replacing all my existing products as they run out with CF/Vegan stuff as they run out so may well be asking for recommendations! :smile:


This is defo the best way to do it!

Although I still can’t find a good foundation to replace my NARS one (cause NARS now sell to China which means they’re no longer CF. This website is good for checking your existing stuff.


If you’re after foundation I’m a recent convert to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin - vegan, CF and makes me look like a very healthy teenager.

Prior to this one I tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation which is also vegan and CF, but not quite as good as the UD.


See I went to UD to try out a mascara and they were just rude and weird so I didn’t try anything on.

I want to try the Kat Von D foundation cause I bought the powder from Sephora in the US and it’s really really nice so hoping the foundation to match will be good?
It’s always hard with these foundations cause you never really know what they’re like until you wear them loads but they’re like £30!


Yeah, I went to UD fully intending to buy, but they just ignored me in the shop. I colour matched myself and ordered online. I ended up getting it cheaper as Fabled had a 15% discount for your first order.

I’d really like to try the Kat Von D setting powder. Is that the one you have? At the moment I’m using the last dregs of the Nars one which I love but can’t buy again.

THE best vegan mascara is Barry M Lash Vegas 2. It’s like £4.99 and the best mascara I’ve ever used!


I have the Lock-It Foundation Powder…but I think you’re meant to just use that as foundation but i’ve never liked powder foundation cause I have dry skin so it works well on top of a foundationed face. It’s super nice though!

Ooh I haven’t tried that one. I love a bit of Barry M. I used to get their nail varnishes loads.
I’m really into Eyeko. I have their Black Magic one and their sport one. The sport one NEVER COMES OFF. Like I’ve done double spin classes and been dripping with sweat but that mascara is tight.


I’m definitely going to check out the powder and Eyeko! I’ve heard great things about Eyeko eyeliner but I’m a bit too lazy for eyeliner most days.


Same! I have sweaty eyelids so it always smudges and transfers.


This is the starter I had at Stem and Glory (vegan restaurant) in Cambridge last week. Great food and nice atmosphere. They also have cafe which does a lemon and poppy seed cake which is the nicest vegan one i’ve Had so far.



please can I have the recipe for this, Warny?


always have Christmas down in Staffordshire with my big sister and etc and she’s twenty years vegan, so most of what I eat will be vegan. :slight_smile:


(was gonna say, cheese is the vice. also chocolate, even though I enjoy dark stuff more these days)


I’m gonna try making a vegan toffee apple cake in a bit. intrerested to see how to ingredients work together to make up for the absence of eggs.


Can anyone tell me good sandwich options at high street stores/ supermarkets?

I tend to get a Tesco falafel and hummus wrap but I reckon there must be better options.


Get one of these down you m8.

Also the Tesco Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap or fiery tofu sandwich are both great.


Do you have a cafe nero near you? They’ve just bought out a moz, tom and pesto toastie which is super nice (and i hate vegan cheese)


I still haven’t found this!!
I had the pret xmas lunch today and it was alright.