🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Oooooo - that looks good.


Not really, although I don’t really like cheese so veegie cheese is pretty low in my list of wants.


Made a vegan Wellington on the weekend. Gunna make it again as the veggie centrepiece for Christmas Dinner. Was absolutely baller.
Layer one:
Various blended up mushrooms, fried down with shallots, garlic, herb mix of parsley, chives, tarragon folded in
Layer 2:
Braised cashews, baked cannelini beans, sautéed leeks and celery briefly blitzed to make it semi-smooth. Add in the herb mix above
Roasted squash, parsnips and carrots with lemon and thyme, cut pretty small.

Wrapped the middle into a cigar of filo pastry, then wrapped the other 2 in filo layers around it. Plus a vegan veloute (dash of soy sauce weirdly makes this) and some roast spuds. Took ages but was fucking great


Im going to ask about this post in the future when Ive forgotten where it is.


sounds phenom and would prefer this to a regular xmas meal


Next time you guys are up in Sheffield


There is no doubt that I couldn’t be arsed with that amount of prep but most of that looks awesome.

Do you reckon you could sub out the mushers for some aubergine?


Does aub blend down to a paste properly? If so it’ll be fine but might get a bit stringy when you blend it idk


I managed to skip over the ‘blended’ part - fair point.


I’ve never tried to blend an aubergine so may work


Actually baba ghanoush is blended aub innit, and that’s fine


Is it blended or mashed? I wasn’t sure.


Either way, could probably replace mushroom in this with it


I’ll keep that in mind if I can ever muster the bother.


Maybe just make sure you salt it and drain out as much water as possible before you cook down otherwise it could be a bit wet?


Anyone got a good recipe for mushroom and lentil sausage rolls? Loads in Google results but wondering if anyone has made them and can recommend one.


This. Very good after a couple of ales too.

@keith Boots have decent selection these days too. Don’t you work in Partick though?


The Child is at nursery next to Tesco and other activities take place near there. I’m not often far from Boots too.

I do not work in Partick.


I was actually near an M&S at the weekend so fot one of these, it was INCREDIBLE. Honestly better than real turkey. Also, as a sandwich very put together in terms of taste and textures. :drooling_face:/10, would sandwich again.


I steam aubergine in chunks then blend it and that seems to work pretty well (usually freeze in cubes, heat up, add yoghurt/cream cheese and black pepper for a cba pasta sauce for R).