🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Gonna try these I reckon as I love chestnuts but never use them in anything.


Just had a Beyond Meat burger since they went on sale at Tesco this week - highly recommended for anyone after a meat substitute. Wouldn’t pass a blind taste test, but as expected they’re night and day better than any veggie/vegan burger I’ve tried before.


This article is quite interesting, and I think it matches pretty well with my approach to veganism:

As usual the comments are full of insecure idiots, but the article itself a thoughtful appraisal of the challenges of maintaining a vegan lifestyle.


The thing I find difficult is deprogramming myself that i’ve had for 28+ years. Those who think it’s super easy to just never touch meat or dairy or anything you’d once thoroughly enjoyed are kidding themselves a bit tbh. And so what if you do have something you want, it doesn’t undo any of the good you’ve done to your body or the environment. There’s way too much pressure on people to have a long stint at veganism and it’s bullshit boasting if I’m honest.


I agree completely. I travel to rural Spain quite a lot with work and when I tell people I’m vegan they look at me like I’m a talking dog or something, so I have to be flexible when I’m there, or I’d starve. I felt really bad about it for a while, but then I realised that I’m not letting anyone down, only not living up to a ridiculously high standard that I set for myself.


Well I did not like this AT ALL.

I should have guessed though cause I don’t like or eat fake meats but I just found it bland and tasted funny…couldn’t actually finish it.

The pret one is much much much better. Soz.


Alright, you’re more of a vegan than I am I GET IT :wink:

I will try the Pret one, even though it has been mis-marketed as a festive sandwich. Veg and hummus is NOT Christmassy!


The work Christmas packed lunch menu has a chicken korma sub as the main. What the actual wtf.

(there’s no vegan option; the veggie one is a cheese and onion sandwich)


There’s no houmous in it is there?
I thought it was fit!


my plan to live on pumpkins for the rest of the year has hit a problem in that they give me tremendous wind


Alright Billy Corgan as Young Emperor Palpatine.




I made this. 'cept I toasted the walnuts first, and I used muscovado instead of regular dark brown sugar.

here’s mine:


This isn’t vegan but there must be an alternative to egg wash.


I haven’t made them but they look tasty as.


Egg in the pastry too, but plenty of vegan pastry recipes that there’ll be one the could replace it. Egg wash is just for presentation anyway, could try brush with your plant milk of choice instead.


Gonna do a trial Xmas mushroom Wellington this Sunday.


vegan börek is really good - just use loads of olives and tofu instead of cheese, add the usual spinach, lemon zest etc.


I’m doing trial lentil roll thingies, going to bung kale into the recipe up thread and attempt vegan pastry. Think I’m going for more of a Wellington myself than a sausage roll type thing.


Made this- thanks for the link- and when I say I made it, my daughter did. I ate though and it’s really good. Cheers!