🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻

Pret near here are doing a vegan avo and chipotle wrap which is pretty decent.

My go-to comfort food atm is sweet potato wedges (peel, slice, shake with oil, salt, smoked paprika, cumin, roast for ~40 minutes).

(not actually vegan but a bunch of the food I eat is more-or-less by accident and I like feeling virtuous; I think people like me maybe accounts for a bunch of the vegan stuff appearing in supermarkets lately?)

Have you had the broad bean and quinoa gosh bites? They’re the nicest I’ve had of theirs so far.


I made a Gardener’s Pie (vegan shepherd’s pie)

It’s bangin’


it’s vegan, no idea how this will turn out


I love vegan haggis! Not sure I’ve had that one or not though.

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From some almond milk I bought

Honestly, dairy farmers in Aus must have some clout to be able to force that bollocks on there about children under 5.

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We had vegan haggis last week. It was incredible.

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Sister just gave me this for ma b-day:


That’s just from a quick 1 min flick-through of the savouries. Another browse through has thrown up more deliciousness. The desserts are equally lush looking, too. ::dribble::

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Interesting. UK public health advice is just that rice-based milks are not suitable for under five (because of potentially high concentrations of something harmful, I think) and I have seen a label on some rice milk to this effect. Maybe that almond milk isn’t calcium fortified (or not significantly enough) and so isn’t deemed a full replacement?

Made some of them cauliflower wings tonight. Tasted like hot sauce and therefore good. Kind of a faff but will be quicker next time and i’ll tweak the recipe as the batter was a bit thick. Has anyone tried it with broccoli/romanceso?

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Sure it isn’t…but no child needs cow’s milk, which is the implication of the wording. An accurate wording would probably be, “This milk doesn’t supply the same levels of calcium as cow’s milk. Make sure your child receives enough calcium.” or something but I’m pretty sure the amount of calcium given through milk is wildly overstated isn’t it?

^^^ that sort of thing.

The problem with what’s on that milk IMO is that it’s specifically trying to make parents feel like they need to buy cow’s milk for kids.

I thought it was also the issue of most plant milks not having enough fat/calories.

This one’s got sunflower oil as you can see. Makes it better for being like normal milk. It’s not the best one for the latte/flat white effect but that one is only available to the cafés wholesale. That’s basically the distinction I’ve noted between non-dairy milks that work well in coffees and ones that don’t - the oil is the extra in the Barista version of Oat Milk.

Had it for tea last night, really surprised with how nice it was.

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I have just bought this. It better be good or you’ll be getting a visit.

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Is this the Peta recipe from YouTube? Your post intrigued me so I googled it, and then just went and bought ingredients for tonight’s tea. Cooking for my dad who thinks I subsist on nuts and berries foraged from trees, gonna turn him around with these wings + sweet potato fries. BONE APP THE TEETH

The wording does seem very bias. I guess official recommendations tend to lag very much behind new science, part because of lack of consensus in some areas, part from a bias to stick with established attitudes.

Did have a look at the peta one but used this in the end cauliflower buffalo wings - hot for food by Lauren Toyota
I also was using mine to try and impress a lover of chicken. Hope yours is a success!

i don’t think the wording implies that children need cow’s milk, more that it’s not baby formula and it’s not a close substitute for cow’s milk nutritionally. there have been several cases of very young children dying or becoming ill from being fed milk substitutes like that instead of an appropriate baby formula. i expect the warning is on there because of that and not because of dairy farmers having a lot of clout.

Why up to age 5 then when formula isn’t necessary after 12 months?

I’ve never noticed cow’s milk saying “not suitable for children under 12 months” nor similar comment on semi-skimmed or skimmed milks about not good enough for children. Although maybe it’s there.

Sure, if you don’t feed your child properly it’s bad news but implying milk is somehow a necessary aspect up to the age of 5 seems highly weighted to me.

EDIT: It’s not that I think Almond milk is a particularly healthy thing to feed kids, it’s both the combination of not thinking milk is necessarily very important for kids compared to generally making sure your child has a good diet. By all means put warnings on foods like this that parents might make errors with, but make those warnings clear and accurate, rather than based around societal norms.

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