🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


hah, brilliant!

I brought some round to my sister’s yesterday, heated it up with the remaining toffee sauce - it actually made it seem a bit like sticky toffee pudding, but with a mulled wine/mulled cider kind of aroma? so many levels!


This is all that’s left- must be good!


you also have the same cake storage thing as I do!


Anyone use those reusable oil wrap things instead of cling film etc

Are they any good or should I just use tupperware?




I do. They’re good but I have the beeswax ones so not vegan. Was going to make my own but found a neighbour who makes them instead.


I want to make something new and nice for dinner tonight. Anyone made anything good recently? No criteria, just vegan and yum!


last night I made courgette koftas in tomato and ginger sauce from the Fresh India book (which is ridiculously great). They were very excellent. This seems to be the same recipe here:

It does have a couple of teaspoons of honey in but I guess you could just sub in sugar dissolved in a bit of water


I’ve got a couple of soy wax ones. Very rarely use them tbh.


Anyone make their own oat milk?

I want to be able to heat it, not just add it to hot drinks (it’s for chai latte) and I can’t find a sure fire recipe as most say it turns gelatinous if you heat the homemade stuff. The only site I’ve found that says otherwise suggests pouring boiling water onto the oats, not cold, and using 50g per litre rather than 100g. Seems like it’ll be a bit watery though?


Oh and tips for blenders please? I only have a hand blender I use for soup and I’m not sure it’s up to scratch for milks…


I have 3 times… Not got it right any time either been too watery or too thick so can’t really give any good advice. Kind of gave up for now.

That does sound like it’d be very watery though.

Seen somewhere saying using an emulsifier like xantham gum might help with consistency which might help when warming.


Well I warm the store bought stuff in a chai pot with a hob diffusser under it - so it’s really gentle heat and I’m hoping it’ll be ok with homemade in that case.

I want to make it myself to avoid plastic waste/packaging but I don’t want to wind up wasting a ton of oats instead in failed attempts :confused:


You can still use the oats for porridge so its not a waste :slight_smile:

And yeah packaging was the main reason on started trying it.


True (I’ll be using them to chuck in smoothies I reckon)

I kind of need to buy a blender especially for it though so it’s not going to be cheap. I’ve got a smoothie maker thingy that might be alright to at least experiment with. I’ll give it a go next week and let you know how I get on.


I got a magimix as one of my many house warming presents to myself, can probably find something much cheaper to do the job.

Wouldn’t say you need a particularly strong blender, just a decent capacity.


First time doing a vegan (or even vegetarian) Christmas this year. What delicious foods should I be buying / making? I really want to have amazing food so I don’t miss the usual stuff.


Those sausage rolls I posted up thread are marvellous. I also threw in some kale. Didn’t use vegan pastry because I’m a monster but easy to do. They taste really hearty and meaty. They have cranberry sauce in but I can’t taste it so have some for dipping too and don’t forget to put a bit of soy milk on in place of egg glaze. I’m making a load for evening snacks on Xmas day.


@hankscorpio posted this the other day and said it was v. Good.



Anyone made a veggie or vegan pate before that tastes like the tinned stuff that’s a bit yellow and kind of like actual pate? M loves it but it has a plastic lid and I generally don’t want to buy premade stuff anymore (plus it had palm oil in). Found lots of recipes for ones that are more flavourful and veggie packed but I think she likes the blandness of this (ingredients are basically potato and onion with yeast flakes but can’t find a method or measurements/replacements foe whatever stabilizers they use)

Bonus question. Do you get good use out of your food processor if you have one? What do you use it for?