🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


I’ve only ever made mushroom and garlic pate and that was a couple of years ago, sorry

Literally, only use food processor for hummus and oat milk. Need to widen my repertoire.


Maybe I can just write to the pate company and ask them not to include the plastic lids. More likely to happen than me actually regularly using a food processor.


It was great, first time I’ve made my own seitan and really enjoyed it. If you don’t like the sound of mushrooms and leeks reckon it would work just as well with a shop bought stuffing too.


I made an amazing vegan babka a couple of days ago but I also made one where I spread the chocolate when it was too hot and made the dough unmanageable. Anyway I just put it in the oven so it wasn’t wasted and I’ve spread some Biscoff over it and it’s gooooood.


I made this today. Really great! So easy and quick.


Anyone use giki?

Not tried it yet but you scan barcodes to find out if foods have palm oil in and if they’re responsibly sourced etc. Saw it recommended by WWF


Very respectable sandwich from a less than respectable but readily available source.

Nice bit of spice and ginger in the filling.


I’ve spent today making this. It’s a lot of faff but it’s really good.


I am going to my friends’ for Christmas dinner and one of them is making a seitan roast wrapped in veggie bacon and drizzled in maple syrup. I cannot wait to get it inside of me.


half of me thinks “yeah right am I gonna go around scanning everything” but then the other half thinks this puts paid to my notion that it’s impossible to keep track of what’s ethical or not. Gonna try and try it


In the end I made a mushroom wellington and the waitrose beetroot wellingtons. Both came out really nicely!


Seitan roast, maple syrup parsnips and carrots, stuffing, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, roast Brussel sprouts and red cabbage. ever so good.


Can anyone recommend a place to buy nutritional yeast and wheat gluten? High street, ideally, or online.

I’m considering seitan for NYE.


Pretty sure I’ve seen both of them for sale in V&V Cafe on GWR if you’re around Glasgow at the mo.


Holland and Barrett definitely do NEWYEAST

Not sure why that got capitalised but let’s go with it


Yeah, I went there first but the shop I tried didn’t have the WHEGLUT.

Wasn’t sure if if was just a small store though.


Check their website. They get things sent to the branch for you for the next day usually if they can


Quality vitamins and herbs off Sauciehall.
Theres another health food shop just up from V&V on GWR who’s name escapes me,just past the belle as coming up. (Think its Natural Balance)
Roots and fruits in GWR will probably have them too.

Think you can get nutritional yeast on ocado/maybe in waitrose.

Oh grassroots cafe on woodlands too.


So having a NYE party with some food for 8-10 people… any ideas on good vegan finger foods/canapés type thing… or a big easy dish type of thing?


I remember there being some good party type foods in this book

I don’t have it though, but I do have this one if you want me to drop it over and you can take a look. I’ve not read it yet but it’s simple party food, veggie but a lot of vegan. Kind of aimed more at garden parties though so maybe too summer centric.