🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Thanks for the offer but I’m not at my place :frowning:

Think I may make a couple of curry’s or some mac n cheese thing :man_shrugging:


I’ve just had a look anyway and it’s cheese heavy.

Not sure if it’s a party food but whenever I have people over I tend to make the ottolenghi lentil, mint and hazelnut thing, white beans with fennel (really good), and usually Canarian style potatoes with mojo picon. Oh and cauliflower and potato salad.

(I add capers to the latter)


Thank you :slight_smile:


Sticks of roasted aubergine with different hummus flavours?

Not dead rock and roll but that’d be tasty.



@Matt_was_taken have the kitchen party grub book at home but won’t be there til new year sorry
Their website has a few in the party food section
(Ignore the terrible branding the recipes are good)


Just gunna do a fuck off massive vat of veg and bean chilli for NYE I think. Can’t got wrong with a big vat of chilli


My sister outdid herself this year with vegan related questions at Christmas dinner:

‘Can you eat tomato ketchup?’
‘Can you eat roast potatoes?’
‘Can you eat bread?’

They weren’t spaced out either, they one after the other like a quick-fire round!


That chilli @bodyinthethames posted is really quick and tasty.


Rather than ask me questions my mum sabotages my wishes and brings a meat pie and dairy choc for M everytime I go out. I mean she actually eats meat at nursery and I don’t care that much but it’s the principle of it, and that she tries to keep it secret from me.

She’s of the generation that you’ll basically die if you don’t eat all the animals.


I’ve got my chilli recipe down. It is not quick but it’s bloody ace, and I’ve got loads of time tomorrow to do it


Anyone got a good biryani recipie? Want to cook one today




Meera sodha has a beetroot byriani pie recipe that’s proper penge. Will hunt it down


First entry in this


Obviously leave out the paneer for vegan. Can do it without the pastry tbh. Its nice but adds a lot of time and faff for not much benefit. The coconut sauce is amazing though


Hmmmm looks good but want more of a straight biryani - thinking cauliflower and crispy fried onions on top.

I’ll Google


If you make a vegan version of that you could knock on it like the oakfurnitureland advert blokes and say 'there’s no paneer in ‘ere’ so there’s that


Fucking hell


From Prashad cookbook


Fucking hell good or fucking hell bad?


Deep down you know the answer to this.