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Leeds scored 69. Nice.


Edinburgh above Glasgow doesn’t seem right.




Not a Vegan, but yeah those No Bull Burgers from Iceland are proper lovely.


Yeah that surprised me too. Never had a bad time eating there but wouldn’t say I was blown away by choice.


Best cities for vegan food (from my experience) are Berlin, Budapest and Prague.


Haven’t been reading the coffee thread so gonna mention this here.

Costa, you gits! Thought you were alright, with soya milk as an option at no extra cost.

I frequently order a coffee Cooler/Frostino. Winning. But then they stopped selling the large size, apparently on grounds of sugar content. Even though the basic coffee one without syrups, cream, etc is innocuous.

But here’s the vegan-centric bit. They wouldn’t sell me one with soya milk at all the other day. No milk alternatives offered in any blended drinks, apparently. Some bullshit about cross-contamination and allergens in the blender. Which may well be a legit concern, but just get a separate blender jug or whatever. :rage:

Will probably revert to Iced Americano as my go-to until they get their shit together. They usually do a decent one, but the one I had today was ropey. :confused:


TBH after a friend posted how dreadfully they treat the staff in Costa - i.e. the constant need to upsell and the public shaming via lederboard in the café of those who aren’t etc. - I tried to avoid using them. (Luckily there was a little independent place near my work that did Oatly oat milk and whose staff actually knew how to make a flat white.)


I’ve not come across these particular staff issue treatment claims, or any upselling pressures. Wouldn’t doubt them, though, what with them being a massive corporate behemoth. Having said that, the staff at my local one genuinely seem like a chill crew. Having said that I only really go there for the Cooler (as it’s not really the thing that indies generally do). Any other time, I’ll tend to go indie (as, similarly, there’s a decent selection near my home and work).


Yeah it was just their Instagram and it just seemed a really shitty way to treat staff. I’m aware it’s pretty much a standard across the board of such shops, though. But it made me feel very negative toward them.

Had an odd version come up in Kathmandu’s shop the other day where the card reader was like, “Has your server offered you other products,” and he had blatantly done that just before he gave me the device so we had a little awkward moment of me saying “WTF?” and him saying, “Yeah I really hope you’re happy to say I did because it’s a big deal”. Fucking hell…


That Kathmandu carry on can GTFO. In needy customer feedback surveys, unless there was some particularly shit service, I always give full marks to the questions about staff behaviour and store cleanliness, cos you just know that when the bosses get their hands on the data their first instinct is to rag on the staff.

(Maybe I should have put this in the coffee thread after all… :grinning: ).


Nah it is total bullshit what Costa are doing there. Fuck them and their ways. Just put another blender in.

Or, in fact, don’t most have two anyway? Maybe just have one for soy and one for non-vegan but then customers could specify they’re happy to have you do their non-vegan one in the soy blender because they have no allergies?


Really? That’s quite surprising. Just back from a few days in the Czech Republic (not Prague) and nowhere had a vegetarian option, let alone vegan.


My vegan pal who lives in Prague says it’s great in Prague but everywhere in the CR that’s not a big city is a nightmare. Prague itself has loads of great places.


Anyone pissing about with aquafaba?


OHHH I thought the chai latte I had from there the other day tasted a bit funny


Would be the sensible thing.

But since the Pret a manger allergy death/case I imagine big chains are probably very wary/shitting themselves about causing a similar incident. I can imagine the board room discussion:
let’s just have separate blenders

sounds sensible, but what if someone accidentally puts the soy in the non-vegan blender, or dairy in the vegan blender?

hmm yeah that would be bad

how about we just sack off the vegan blended option, it’s only a small % of sales compared to other drinks

sounds sensible


The sriracha mayo aldi is selling, that has stolen my heart is vegan

Yours, doublespresso
(full time sriracha mayo Street teamer)


Ah I didn’t know about that case, sorry. Makes more sense now :slightly_frowning_face: