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I’ve had quorn mince before, quite like quorn (though most isn’t vegan) but the mince made me feel a bit sick owing to texture and wetness. Didn’t like it at all. Sorry i’ve nothing useful to add!


You rehydrate it in stock or broth first a bit like how you would couscous and then use it the same way you would regular veggie mince. It’s great and cheap!


Not actually much of a mince fan myself for similar reasons tbh, but R likes it so if this stuff is any good it could be useful for him. They had larger soy chunks too which I was more interested in, they could maybe be quite versatile and good to have around in the cupboard.


I might give some a try then, it was like £2 for a massive bag of the stuff that would maybe even stretch to half a dozen meals.

How long do you rehydrate it for, do you just keep checking until it is soft?


That’s why i bought it too. She wasn’t interested but shes in and off with food so hoping i can give her the rest of the bag eventually


I think that is typical of toddlers, R can be the same with a lot of things where it is a total lottery as to whether I make a meal he will want to eat at any given time :persevere:


Takes about five minutes, chuck it in a bowl with a plate on the top to keep the steam in and then fluff it up.

There’s some recipes here -


Thanks, this is very useful :slight_smile:


Have you guys had this?


The only vege (in this case vegan) think my wife whinges about is mince but she likes this and I do to.

Oh you fucking link bastard!


The chunks are decent if you dont mind a bit of soybean flavour. Good for curries or stew, they work like sausage pieces or meatballs


Haven’t had those chunks for ages. Fancy getting some in, now. The version I’ve had in the past has been quite chewy, which I like, but I guess it could go either way with a toddler as to whether they can be bothered.


Yeah this is by far the best one imo

Really good for spaghetti Bolognese


The wasabi tofu curry is decent


Oh slither off, Nestlé.


Booked in for here:




Would love it if someone pulled up research that at some point they had some minor animal derived ingredient in the nutrients it is fortified with or similar.


think they use slave ants to make the holes


So they aren’t knit together by grouos of old women :open_mouth:


slave nans, with knitting needles made of ants.


I seem to remember not being able to eat my wife’s frosted shreddies due to something or other.