🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


because she wouldn’t let you?


Yeah she’s incredibly protective.


and boy does she hate ants


She’s ordered me to never reply to his posts again!




Forgot to bring lunch today and a bit bored of the sweet potato and beetroot salad thing at Pret. Any other good lunch (to-go) suggestions from a sandwich shop, or Manchester-centric cafe?


Have you tried the vegan olive/avocado baguette from there? It’s really nice. Also, whilst purchasing said item, grab a bag of the (vegan) chocolate almonds from in front on the tills- they are devine.


I had a salad from the new M&S vegan range in the end. It was alright.


What a time to be alive.


Two thumbs down from me. Absolute shit sandwich.


Really enjoy that there was a whole minute separating these posts


“Oh a new vegan sandwich I’m sure the vegans on DiS would be interes…ahh fuck”



This was half price in Sainos last week. Does the job.


I’ve noticed a deluge of Vegos descending on us. Used to hate that they were hard to buy but now they’re in the Co-Op I’m going to be go bankrupt/gain three stone.

(Why ARE there so many calories in them?)

Anyway, Vego fans PSA over.



Which Co-op did you see them in?


I don’t know what Vegos are/is but it used to really annoy Wor Lass when she was dairy free that most of the DF section in supermarkets were desserts.


The one in Spinningfields, in the ‘free from’ section. Also noticed them in Holland and Barratt this week along with the Vego spread!


Really good chocolate bar with hazlenuts, a bit like nutella in solid form


I’m already a fan.


Almost 600 calories a bar though.