🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


I had this on Wednesday

Absolute cake game changer and within walking distance from my office. I. Must. Not. Get. One. Each. Week.


I made these the other day. Can’t recommend enough, I whacked a load of ginger in and next time I’d increase the amount of chilli but I guess that’s all down to personal taste.

Didn’t attempt to do pleats but think they turned out alright for a first attempt:


Well actually it turns out the semi skimmed milk says not suitable as a complete milk replacement although it only specifies under 2 years old.

The Almond milk has half the calories though so I’ll have to check a full skimmed milk to see what it says


Not sure if it’s already been posted in one of the other threads, but we went to By Chloe. in Covent Garden last night.

It was okay. Quite pricey for what was a fast-food place. Very busy, but I think that may be because a London Fashion Week show had just kicked out and they love a hip place to eat. The food wasn’t great, and the packaging is very wasteful. There are far better and cheaper vegan options in many different places in London.


I went to the one in Williamsburg in Jan.
I have to say that I really loved it. I had a great pesto meatball sub, sweet potato fries and a nice cashew mac and cheese.

What didn’t you like about the food?

It was probably busy cause it only opened 2 weeks ago? It’s got a lot of hype cause the NYC ones are very popular. It’s also very instagrammable.


Made this last night

Was delicious


Between us we had a burger, the meatball sub, fries, the mac & cheese and two soft drinks.

They were *okay *, but not really anything special, and not worth over £16 a head.

I think that you can get away with charging that much for a vegan meal if it’s super tasty or if it’s a nice atmosphere/well-presented. I didn’t think this was either, tbh.


All non diary milks say not suitable for kids as a replacement. It just warns that there’s not the same nutrients/calcium as dairy at the same volume. Jnr has a variety of milks but she still breastfee so it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s one of those regulations like it being illegal to out formala on sale/special offer so as not to undermine the nutrional value of breastfeeding.


I made this for lunch today…

Really simple and super tasty!


If anybody has any good Easter Egg discoveries pls post here, which I will then forward on to my mum. Because yeah I’m a 26 year old man, but I still expect my mum to get me an Easter Egg.


I made an amazing tatziki at the weekend. Was 100% incredible and such a surprise.



:heart_eyes: that is so fucking extra


I made a banging vegan chilli this evening

the secret ingredient was maple syrup


There’s a 10 quid dark chocolate single origin one in m&s but doesn’t look as you get much for your money


Got a recipe?


it was this one - dead easy & dead quick

but I left out the marmite & the black molasses (treacle)

banged a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup in instead & it was :ok_hand:t4:

made guacamole to go with it and it was a treat


Awesome. That’s tonight’s dinner sorted


glad to be of help


Made a vegan version of Meera Sodha’s paneer butter masala again last night. It’s just the most delicious curry.

Swap the butter for coconut oil, the paneer for some cubes of deep fried tofu, the cream with soya alternative, and the honey for syrup if you don’t eat honey either. Added some cubes of aubergine in there too.

Seriously it’s so good.