🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Smashed it mate, really delicious. Didn’t have time to make any guacamole, but it was very nice still.


excellent work


Had the new Pieminister vegan pie ‘Kevin’ on fri and thought it was pretty good. Thought pretty pricey even on offer at 2 for 6 squids.


I had one of these recently. Bittersweet discovery of good pie for me; sweet because good pie :grinning: bitter because the only reason I have to go looking for other pies in the first place because Pie & Ale in Manchester is now gone :frowning_face:


Alpro is a bit shit with all their additives but their new coffee milk is really nice! Have tried caramel, hazelnut is the other one I’ve seen so far


The hazelnut one is SO NICE. They had them both on trial in Sainsburys and I liked the hazelnut one better.


Does anyone have a suggestion for a high fibre filling breakfast?

I’ve just been having toast and peanut butter but I am consuming a bit too many carbs that are leaving me…ahem…bunged up. I’ve tried 4 choc weetabix today with rebel kitchen mylk…but i’m now starving and hour and a half later. Any ideas?


Bran flakes and some fruit? Or porridge


Yeah I try to have a little fruit but I don’t think cereal or porridge really fills me up? I do normally have a proper huge hunk of toast tbh. Suppose I could have toast AND a small bowl of bran flakes.


Millet! It’s so filling and though it’s mostly eaten savoury it’s naturally a little sweet so it’s really good with a bit of milk and a tiny bit of sugar/syrup!


Porridge with dried fruit in.



(only half joking)


Is it terrible that I really really do not want a vegan easter egg?

I just want a nice proper fancy one from Hotel chocolat that isn’t dark chocolate and is just proper indulgent and naughty. So bored of just dark choc or vego bars. They’re nice and all but just not the same :frowning:


No! What you eat is your decision.

Guarantee you’re not the only vegan who has days off. I was a vegetarian for 8 years but on one occasion i caved and had a bowl of soup that my mum had made from the turkey carcass after Christmas and another time I had some pepperoni pizza. Go for it!


I’m just seeing mini eggs and wanting mini eggs!

Maybe i’ll just have a bag of mini eggs.


Do it!

My job is ordering Easter eggs and if i could eat chocolate I’d be buying myself one of bloody everything


I find porridge the most filing thing. I usally have it with dried fruit, Chia seeds, nutmeg and maple syrup.


Those one planet frozen pizzas aren’t very good. Got pretty weird smellig ‘cheese’ on them.


Ah that sucks! I really liked the cheese on them - found it nice and stringy with lotsa flavour!


I want all this food
especially the stuff @meowington posts
you should be a chef