🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


I’ve always wanted to be a chef ever since I was younger
Never made it tho :cry:


What are some quick and relatively easy things I can make for packed lunch to take to work? Bit bored of sandwiches or pasta salad.


Couscous, raw or roasted veg, falafel and make up a little pot of dressing to chuck on it at work


These are nice just with some bread


Had these with a couple of Linda’s and a salad. Would eat again.


Miso soup w/ shiitake mushrooms and rice noodles.
Other veg/noodley stuff.
Roast veg salad w/grains.


Tabouleh but with extra wheat to make it more filling


Oh boy.


making a dinner for 4 people this sunday…
any ideas for a tasty main?


:frowning: I didn’t like them!
The choc and the cone are nice but I think the ice cream is a bit too sweet. I won’t buy again tbh


That jamie oliver lentil shepherd’s pie is really good. Have you done that yet?


no! thank you :heart:


Defo make the effort to do that herby crumb on top. It’s SO GOOD.


wait what :anguished:


Went under a couple of weeks ago. Its a damn shame. Goodnight, sweet Pie & Ale, you were too good for this world.


seems like it was financial reasons, as far as I can tell from not much at all.

I hurried my pie last time I ate in there because I was in a rush :’’’(


Had a Chinese veggie meal of sadness on Saturday night.

Honestly, Chinese seems to be the most inconsistent for veggie dishes to me. Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese food is absolutely fine - always some really tasty stuff. Chinese food is sometimes fine and other times just seems to be incredibly bland veggies or with some odd sauces that make you worry they’ve given you meat stocks. :frowning:


I hear ya. Might be a proper delicious veggie Chinese meal, or might be little more than some greasy cabbage leaves.

Chinese curried veg seems to be the safest bet, but is more often than not infected with mushrooms. Often wish I’d just ordered chow mein & beansprouts.


I had a really nice aubergine curry from a Chinese place near The Troxy recently. Often I’m a bit cautious with Chinese because there’s just so much ingredients that I’m always thinking there’s some fish sauce or honey or egg in it somewhere, but this place had staff who didn’t understand what vegan meant so just listed every ingredient out to me, very reassuring.


always knew she was one of the good ones