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Decent but last line is cringey and ruins it a bit.

Had a quick look at the comments
‘if vegans love animals so much why don’t they care about animals being displaced and killed to grow crops’



That’s some pretty convincing fake leather.


The state of this article:

Sorry to bring anyone down on a Monday, but it illustrates just how far there is still to go in terms of the popular perception of veganism.


Good old Zara.


People are a bit crazy when it comes to their kids aren’t they?

But surely it can only be a good thing that they’ll be eating more fruit, veg and whole foods during the day instead of like chicken nuggets or whatever they feed kids there. The parents can feed the kids whatever meat stuff they want outside of nursery.


Huh?! Parents outraged - because nursery gives them healthier, more sustainable and ethical food options. What?

‘This has really got my back up as I feel we are being railroaded into making our children vegan without a choice, no option of meat or fish!

You are not being railroaded into making your children vegan, numbnuts. What you feed them at home is still your choice.


Woah…wait a second…netmums ??


I was a bit puzzled by that article, as only the previous day she reviewed a restaurant and raved about the “calves’ liver fried in Pedro Ximénez sherry”, the “whole Cornish squid”, the “buttermilk-drenched rabbit” and the “chips embossed with melted Tunworth”. And the side bar listing Grace’s week in other dishes highlighted the undoubtedly delicious “calves’ brains with black butter and capers”.

None of these dishes are even close to being vegan, obviously.


I think the calves brains died of loneliness



5 meals out of 21 in a week isn’t railroading or forcing an ideology ffs


I clicked on the link to the netmums thread from the article & the majority of the replies are fairly sane and telling the complainant it’s either a good thing or to just be chill

Some though :frowning:


Eating meat and not eating meat are exactly equal and parallel things so this is a very intelligent post


I think, like with pretty much all situations in life, if it had been communicated to the parents first and in a clear way explaining the reasons and benefits, most parents might not have been that bothered. People just don’t like changes being made without being told about it.


There’s obviously nothing wrong with a nursery being vegan.

But that’s fucking awful communication by the nursery if there was no heads up of what is apparently a fairly significant switch in policy. The parents really ought to be notified of that sort of thing, dietary or otherwise.

But, the complainer said “The nursery is on a farm which rears animals to kill to eat as part of the natural cycle of life!”. So fuck 'em. Cos that’s just a rewording of the derpy THERE ARE LOADS OF COWS, SO WHAT’S THE POINT OF BEING VEGAN?!?!


Of course !

Interestingly (perhaps) vegan nursery/school diet is probably the broadest stroke to cater for most kids these days as there are so many different dietary requirements that veganism is almost lowest common denominator

Vegan + no nuts + no gluten would surely cater for all but those with very specific allergies or very sensitive eczema


Actually, the vegan/veggie farmers on dairy/pastoral farms thing is a (perhaps surprisingly) frequent occurrence in my (small sample) experience. Probably a reflection of the realities of having a first-hand experience of farming animals.


Tbh I’d probably eat meat from one of those places, but the idea that they’re equivalent to 99% of meat available in shops in the UK is ridiculous


Sorry, I don’t understand this comment in relation to what it’s in reply to. :question: (One of what places?) :thinking:


Sorry had kinda taken a new train of thought while the reply box was open. And the silliness was wasn’t you, but your quoted opinion. No beeves here, this is the vegan thread