🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Cool. :ok_hand: :cow:

(Wondered if perhaps pastoral had been misinterpreted.)


Hello Vegans

My daughter has started a vegan Instagram. Give her a follow if you want to see what an 18 year old student vegan is eating


I’ll follow her! :slight_smile:




Just tried that No Bull burger from Iceland. It was pretty good but not as intensely savoury as I was expecting. Trying the Beyond Burger earlier this year has spoiled me :frowning:


These ramen are vegan society approved fyi


Tesco are gonna stock beyond stuff soon apparently.


This would be great! Please sign and share:


Was very irked the other day when ALL the fresh pasta packs in the supermarket had some bullshit small print after the ingredients about containing traces of fish.


had these last night (trying to cut down on dairy and they were on offer…very good!)


Where from?


Made seitan for the first time. went very well. Why haven’t i tried it before??


They made by the Dorset cereal company? Very similar typeface


Hail Seitan!




Spoiler: it’s a pineapple


Tesco have that oomph pulled BBQ soy based meat substitute for £2 a bag ATM the frozen section.

Which is pretty good. The chunk (with right spicing) and kebab ones are also good.


Can I have your best tofu recipes please?


This is incr-edible:


Sweeeeeet. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow