🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


@meowington always posts the crispy fried tofu recipe which is the best.


Bought two bags of the kebab one earlier, great scumbag food.


I had the vivera shawarma kebab stuff the other day. Was pretty decent but yeah dont want to have it to often.


Yes - this is lush


Only tip I have is to use a wok instead of the frying pan they recommend (you can put foil over the top instead of a lid) - means you can fry the tofu up much nicer I think


I tend to use my wok for most things to be honest as my frying pan is crap.


These two are both great.



This week is a pot luck lunch thing at work. Now i’ve done one of these before where I made loads of banging indian food only for someone to say to me “I had no idea you were of Indian heritage” and then the penny dropped that it was a diversity thing and you’re supposed to bring in what represents your culture.

So what can I bring in?

I’m thinking that Jamie’s vegan shep pie but thats boring and I don’t associate myself with english food tbh.
Might make ragu and pasta


some lovely turnips?


I’d be pretty happy with a vegan shep’s pie at one of these things.

The only thing I can think of anywhere near relevant to the ‘heritage’ is this tofish recipe


Never made it and could also be a bit boring.

I’d just go with what you fancy. Does it have to be savoury?


Also I guess the chips would go cold/shit by lunchtime.


big bowl of peas


Two things I’ve made recently that have been easy and EXCELLENT

I had this for lunch and then I was saving half for tomorrow but i’ve just scoffed it over the sink.

This one is just so rich and creamy! I love it.


This was amazing - https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/roasted-chickpea-taco-salad/

The other best thing I ate this year was the Meera Sodha mole.


Got some pals coming over for a bbq tomorrow, I’ve asked them not to bring anything and have gone all vegan. Doing seitan ribs (Bosh recipe), grilled corn on the cob, grilled asparagus with lemon butter, jerk marinaded smoked tofu, BBQ baked beans, lemon and herb veg and tofu skewers, spicy Caribbean bean burgers, potato salad and grilled pineapple with cinnamon. Just finished my prep, absolutely done in. Bloody love bbq season though!


Nice! Just got into making my own seitan. Done a couple of good Issa recipes. Got any other good ones?


Going to give this one a go - tried a variation of it a couple of weeks ago that used puréed mushroom and was too wet so hoping this will have a better texture. Got some really good American bbq sauce to slather on before finishing on the grill.


Nice. Big fan of liquid smoke for BBQ marinades


Having an argument with a friend about the use of wool, pretty much full on hippy now.


Can anybody answer why using almond milk in tea makes it go cold really fast? Because it definitely does.