🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 🍆 🌻

Hi guys,
As Veganuary is now done, I thought we could have this thread for recipes and sharing and support and all sorts of shit more long term :slight_smile:

Someone posted this which I made vegan with some soya cream instead of normal and it was delish.


I caffled and had pizza last night. :frowning: Stupid work drinks.

I don’t generally make sandwiches too much but even before I was vegan, I’d love a salad sandwich so normally go for that. I make a mustardy salad dressing as the moisture instead of mayo.

Pret have one at the moment which is avocado with olive tapanade (I dont know how to spell that?) and sundried tomatoes and pine nuts. It’s really nice!
I actually got some of these bombay potato and spinach bites from M&S which I think would be nice hot in a sandwich.


You’ve got to give into temptation some times. I’ve got a dinner out next week with NOTHING vegan on the menu. I may have to have some cheese…

I eat vegan a lot of the time.

For dinner tonight, I am having a curry with instant sauce from the Chinese supermarket + veggies and tofu.

Morrisons have like sage and onion soya slice things which are OK for a change.
Houmous and whatever.
I don’t like any fake cheese I’ve had so far. But sainsburys non-dairy fake philadelphia is decent if you like soft cheese.
M&S have started doing a super green type one.

I’ve been having more soup really.

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Yeah was same last night. Wasn’t really temptation just laziness and not being arsed to get into conversations about it.

I love a tofu and…instant sauce curry.


Falafel with some houmous and pickled veg is a great sandwich.
Find things like roasted peppers, courgette, aubergine all work well in sandwiches as well. Maybe with some vegan pesto.

Theres some good looking sandwiches here but some of them take a fair bit of work.

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Made this a couple of times recently (minus yoghurt, obv)

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kind of similar to the OP, big fan of adding butter beans to pasta (and mushrooms and garlic etc) for a lazy winter meal


I’m addicted to garlic purée.

Tonight I had…

Big bag of spinach sautéed in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and garlic purée with

One whole Broccoli & cauliflower steamed for like a minute then charred in a really hot pan with olive oil tomato purée and GARLIC PURÉE! alongside

Raw shredded white cabbage & red cabbage, cherry tomato, red onion and mini cucumber salad with olive oil, white wine vinegar loads of salt and pepper and… GARLIC PURÉE (joke!)

Seriously love it though

Has anyone ever had vegan pate?

I first became aware of it while reading this Buzzfeed list, but I’ve not been able to find any anywhere:

I’ve been vegan a month now, not even been tempted by cheese/eggs or anything (I’ve also lost 8lbs which was my weight i put on in December after going to the US/Christmas). Surprised as I thought it would be tougher, it hasn’t been. I’m going away for a whole month through Europe in a weeks time so pretty nervous. I’ve downloaded an app called “Happy Cow” which lists all vegan and vegan friendly places anywhere in the world. It’s £4 but I’ve already saved loads of places which look great where I’m staying which perhaps I wouldn’t have known about otherwise so it’s worth it I reckon.
Today was the first day I felt rundown though, haven’t eaten a lot in the last few days and have been going out having a few drinks of an evening so it’s me being a dickhead rather than the diet.

Had Linda McCartney sausages with new potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes for dinner and have eaten a load of nuts. Gonna probably pick up some spinach tomorrow and and eat as much of that as possible with whatever I eat for lunch and dinner

Oh yeah people have been asking how I’ve felt generally this month. I guess the closest way I could describe it is “cleaner”? I feel good in myself, it’s enjoyable and people haven’t been snarky or anything either, which I fully expected.

This looks good! If i’d looked at this thread before going to the shop idve made it tonight.

Fairly tired today as I had a lot of booze last night and had to leave the house at 5.30 this morning to get to work.

Need something stodgy and substantial to eat so i’m going with a variation on a vegan “shepherds pie” with lentils and mushrooms instead of lamb. Tried to post link t it but it wont work.

really weird but i’ve had a tough time going back to eating eggs and cheese. they both taste kinda weird and i feel quite groggy after eating dairy especially. not gonna go full vegan but think i will cut down a lot.

Do you make this garlic purree or is it bought? I can see myself being obsessed with this as I love garlic.

In an indian cookbook I have, there is a recipe for 100 garlic clove curry. I’m desperate to try it but not desperate to peel 100 garlic cloves.

I made this last night. The jamie oliver recipe?
It was fucking brilliant.

I’ve never actually tried it but this might help