Banana for later

Bought some strawberries and a banana from Sainos yesterday. Had half the strawberries yesterday and just had the other half. I’m saving the banana for later.


Are you planning on eating it?

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Yeah reckon I’ll eat it about 4pm

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I’ve had a banana for breakfast every day for I dunno, decades, I would feel really strange if I ate one at a different time of day

but good luck to you


never bought a banana I didn’t have to wait at least five days to ripen

Thanks !

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planning on doing some measuring, eh?


you should buy the riper ones

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In lockdown we buy 10 bananas a week. I have eaten maybe one of them.

They don’t exist : (

It’s banana time


Hadn’t seen the thread and was JUST about to have a banana omg

Forgot to buy bananas on Thursday, had my last one yesterday so no post-run banana until next supermarket trip. Had a handful of blueberries instead this morning, wasn’t the same. Can’t go back

This has reminded me that I have some bananas in the freezer, cheers.

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That’s a whole different thread there

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frozen banana? is there money in that idea?


Got no bananas

Did the banana get eaten as scheduled though? That is the question