trying to decide if i should have another coffee



banana nan anal?

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here’s a story about a botched eyeball tattoo

obviously don’t click on it if you don’t want to see it

So bored. Really tired. Really want to go home now.

i wanted to go away camping but it’s raining everywhere and i cba with that

I had three drinks last night and I feel like today has been a bit of a shambles. I do not want to go to the whisky vaults and drink whisky tonight. I do not want to drink whisky tomorrow. I think I could quite happily not do anything sociable for the next month. I think I might after this weekend.

Classic Scotland.

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not long till winter where no one can get on your case for not wanting to do anything

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I changed my mind, I don’t mind seeing people I just don’t want to have to make any effort at all. They can just talk at me and be entertaining, that would be great.

I’m not a sqeamish person but anything about eyes freaks me right out.

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you just sitting there like

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You should expect this if we ever encounter one another at a meat.

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Don’t ban it, imo.

I got through two gin & tonics, three quarters of a bottle of pinot grigiot rosé and two pints of St Austell Proper Job last night. Today I designed a booklet, an advert and a logo and all of them were passed by the client with no amendments. None at all. Which scares me. But perhaps it means I should work hungover all the time, maybe,


aaalllright, show off.

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it 100% definitely means that


Bigs mans back and letting everyone know he’s in town


I’m 39 and I’ve spent my life terrified of and hating dogs. I’ve just decided that actually I was wrong and I want a dog.


Did you have the coffee? Have it yo, coffee is life

Im having a 1/2 pt of momora sour (sour coffee beer) because its amazing