Band/artist names you would love to have but they've already been taken

Identity Crisis
Culture Wars (I’d have put a “the” on it too for a more classic ring, and to show I’m the boss of this joint might extend it to “Daniel Sullivan and the Culture Wars.”)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifters

Etc etc etc

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions

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Oh no. British juggalos


Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong

Dave Matthews Band

Not a band name but I’m surprised this hasn’t been taken as one.

Is there a band called “J’Accuse” ?

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No, that’s the deep-sea diver fella.

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Fucking furious, I am. Especially as they’re good.

Boards Of Canada
War On Drugs
Gaslight Anthem

Bastille - great name wasted on a shit band.

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My mates girlfriend used to play in a band called Piss Viper. That’s cooler than anything I’ve done.

Dog Dirt