Band Members Doing Nice Things For Each Other

On Phil’s 49th birthday last May, the rest of the band clubbed together and got him one of those Segway tour Groupons.

I dunno, it just makes me like their music a bit more, you know? Knowing that they all get on well in real life too


After finishing a marathon 24 box set weekend, the lads from Metallica decided to treat themselves to a day out and M&M World.

Before anyone had even found out what the ticket information was, Lars had bought four already. What a ledge.


Very few people know the real reason Robbie Williams left Take That was because of his bandmates belittling his scientific pursuits.

In an effort to rebuild bridges, the boys sent a Facebook invite to every one of their contacts for Robbo’s “Pumping water in the desert” presentation and Robbie was as pleased as punch.


That time when the members of Nickleback clubbed together to buy Chad a guitar in the shape of a stickleback.


He’s the fucking worst at pretending to like his present. So rude.

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“Let’s go to IKEA everyone!” said Billy.

“Oh, do we have to?” groaned everyone else in unison.

Reluctantly, after some strong arguments from Billy, they agreed that the bedroom could do with another Billy bookcase.

James said he’d only go if they could have the veggie meatballs and so off they went in the pumpkinmobile.

Only instead of turning off at the IKEA junction, Billy kept on driving.

“Silly Billy, you’ve missed the turnoff!” said Jimmy.

“Actually guys, instead of going to IKEA, who wants to spend the day on the rollercoasters?” replied Billy with a wry smile.

“Yay!” said the rest of the band, and a fun day was had by all.