Band Name Suggestions



Use this thread to suggest band names so that other people can use them for the bands that they have formed.







Blink 1080p


No band names but got tons of DJ names free to use. Help yerselves…

DJ Gaviscon
DJ Firhill Stadium
DJ Pizza Crunch
DJ Omlette Dreamer
DJ Cilit Bang
DJ Chicken Pakora
DJ Lynx Africa
DJ Abs from 5ive
DJ Alcohol Free Lager
DJ Album Version (plays no remixes)


Hook hand hook


toilet boyz




Unexpected Gains




Mega Band And The Band


Hell Toupee


Burt Dick and the the and Dick Burt


Lion Crew


I once wanted to form a DJ duo called Lazerface and Soypony but I didn’t know how to DJ and my friend and I were too busy, so if anyone wants it it’s going. I think I was Soypony, can’t remember.
Also, feel free to pick up twee college band name Martine and the McCutcheons, I’m not going to use it.


Crab Week


Right Wing Baby

Have always been tempted to call my band that, if I had had an ounce of musical talent.


not tot proud to say I own an album by Toilet Böys.


Saw them live once at Cambridge boat race. They had pyrotechnics. If anyone here ever went to the boat race they’ll know how terrifying a proposition that would have been.