Band Name Suggestions



Brexit Milf


oh wow, no way. they would be a glam band I suppose.


Infinite Scowl
Trees Er May
Pelvis Esley
The Misandrists
:fire: (pronounced Fire Emoji)
Tie Die


Angel 360
The Storm Rises
Clement Attlee
Riot of the Red Rock


Shit on a Dickhead!


Bish Bash Bosh (stylised as !!!)


Veg theme, I was thinking for twee indie folk bands:

The Parsnips
Crisp Radicchio
Kimchi Fridge
Glug of Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Thumb Sized Piece of Ginger
The Eggplants
Le Gumes
Butternut Squash
The Tubers
Ground Black Pepper (funk band)


I was listening to an interview with Michael Douglas last week in which he talked about his role as producer of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Originally, Burt Reynolds was up for the Jack Nicholson part but the director dismissed him for having CHEAP CHARISMA. And I thought: New band name!


Radio Friendly Unit Shifters
Beer Sex Chips and Apathy
The Clamshell Rollers
Darren Arsewipe
Your Statutory Rights are Not Affected
The Quiche
Milwaukee Power Tools


Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells


Ars Technical
Gary Debussy
Vanilla Thrilla
Gambling Man
Celebrity Hebrides
Vacuum Pack
Totally Tropical
Oppenheimer Divine
Crisp Sandwich
Wevie Stonder


Nirvana 2


Nirvana 3 technically.


Milton & The Keynes
Toxic Masculinity
Parrot Fashion
Full English Breakfast
Inset Day
Brooklyn Beckham


World of Men
Dude Ranch

(already a band called HUNK though dammit)


Isn’t this a Pavement song?


The beetles


Yes, with guest vocals from Jay Walker and Alan Kerbishley



Well blow me down.