Band Name Suggestions



Adult Magazines
Jacob RM
Horse Protractor
Retrograde Schlep
The LME (an NME favourite)
Piss Whistle


My A-Ha/Morris Dancing band, Horton Market


Beef Feast
Maximum Keith
Literal Sex Fire
Night Horse
Drugs, Yeah?


these are both good


Stab Water
Cap Of Toads
Shreddy Prince Junior
Tooth’s Teeth Have Teeth Too
Caravan Backlash
Frowning At Everyone
Hank Crisps And The Turbo Overdrives
Vaseline Of Plenty
Rope Dread


Attack Womb
Sex Glyph
Booming Granny
Grim Up North
Subliminal Criminals
The Least Likelys
John’s Craven
Mild Swelling


Machina Mysteries




I was this close to posting HUNK and tagging you in.


Definitely a shoegaze one that one.


This is the first one I’ve found that’s a real band:



Roasting Honduras


Ribald Youngsters
Board Games in Space
The Sensual Funyuns
The Phantom Dennis
The Benazir Bhutto Explosion


Shagger Lee


First Sea Lord


This is excellent


Vestiges of dead dreams


Stuart Bennett Calderdalesheepdogs


Literally seconds of fun to be had scrolling through this twitter bot thing:

The good ones are really good, like:

Evidence of Lemmings
Practical Fudge
Soho Kumquat


Reminds me of when people try to circumvent Facebook’s rules e.g. names like Daveandlinda Jonesandtheirdog