Ever worn one?

When I was 16 me and the lads went camping in the South of France and we bought a bandana each, all different colours and wore them for most of the time. Pretty badass, eh? In both the headband and pirate styles.


i havent

don’t wear hats either actually


Friend of mine wore one occassionally. Totally didn’t fit any other aspect of his personality and no matter how many times I commented on it, he still wore it. Ended up kinda respecting him for it.


Chefs love a skull bandana


should this be my next Big Move?


If it’s good enough for David Foster Wallace…



There is no reason why it shouldn’t be.


where on earth would i get one?


We had paisley which I can heartily recommend.




Bandana Republic


Maybe one for the neck too?



That has a different name doesn’t it? Cravat or something?


What I’m reading here is that you’re considering doing it again.


Need to hold on until my son is old enough to be mortified by it, at the moment he would probably think it was quite cool.


wear it tupac style. that’ll do it


Geez Louise!


When in France!


Always without fail make me think of Dave Perry having a tantrum on Gamesmaster


Remember when the hulkster went to court in his best formal bandana?