Bandcamp are giving their split of proceeds from sales this friday to the american civil liberties union

that’s nice innit. if you were thinking of getting something wait for friday maybe.

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yup, here’s their statement:

Can heavily recommend taking a look at:

Full Spectrum records - albums by Andrew Weathers, Blaine Todd (alt country, I guess) // MJ Lallo, Sarah Davachi (weird ambient/drone) // other good stuff
NB they’re also donating their cut of any sales to the ACLU along with Bandcamp’s cut

Orange Milk for insane electronic experimentation (Foodman, Giant Claw…) all with very very very good covers

Hausu Mountain for more of the above and synth explorations, general excellent weirdness (Goodwill Smith, Eartheater, ROM…)

Phinery for drone and ambient etc.

Debacle for records by Medina / Walsh (scorched earth blues-drone) // Daniel Bachman (American Primitive wunderkind) // High Aura’d (amazing drone) // Golden Retriever (insane synth/clarinet gloopiness) // loads of other stuff

Bitrot (Siavash Amini’s label out of Tehran) for the Shovels Beat the Sun record

Under the Spire for weird drone (Mike Shiflet, Jasper TX, etc.)

Low Point for beautiful ambience and minimalism from Ex Easter Island Head, Kyle Bobby Dunn, etc.

Gilead Media for horrible noise and black metal and so forth (Krallice, Ash Borer, Yellow Eyes, Though…)

Profound Lore for further gross metal, sludge, etc. from Pallbearer, ALtar of Plagues, Bosse-de-Nage, but also this incredible Dalek record (MBV w/ hip hop)

Top Shelf // Tiny Engines for emo revival/pop-punk stuff


This is great. I’m hoping to clear out of a ton of my wishlist. Bandcamp isn’t perfect but it’s certainly my favourite way to get/sell digital music

Going to stock up on stuff from labels including The Flenser, Sacred Bones, The Native Sound. Also going to pick up a lot of Ian William Craig and Lost Trail albums that I have kept meaning to get for ages.

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and I look forward to checking these out, thanks for listing them! : )

I’m going to grab the latest The Hand release, which following on from parts 1 & 2, is fucking awesome.

Dunno how I forgot about The Flenser - so good

Drag City have just put their whole catalogue on Bandcamp as well - don’t think any of their stuff is on Spotify et al.


heems tweeted ‘Donate to @CAIRNewYork and download all my music illegally.’ but i think it got deleted

oh wow i wasn’t aware of this. i know Dischord’s catalogue is on there now

more recommendations please.
what’s the best non obvious drag city stuff

everyone should buy this

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Not an expert on the label really but for what it’s worth:
Sir Richard Bishop (of Sun City Girls) plays very excellent middle-Eastern influenced acoustic noodling stuff
Papa M is Dave Pajo, guitarist from Slint, and is very nice indeed
Six Organs of Admittance does everything from beautiful acoustic meditations to burned-out psych depending on the record
You probably know Sun Araw but if not he/they make(s) good dub-inflected synthy abstractions
Neil Hamburger’s a terrifying anti-comedian if you’re into that kind of thing

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Hamburger’s got quite a cheap one on there as well which i might get:

definitely gonna finally get Paddy Hanna’s album and maybe one or two other things from my Wishlist.

also in comedy terms, David O’Doherty’s good a couple of good recordings on there as well:

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Bandcamp are great, they really seem to have the right, balanced attitude that takes both sides of the relationship between artist & listener into account. So much more than any other streaming/music social media/download site. More power to their elbow.

Anyway, I just (a couple of hours ago) pre-released this EP onto Bandcamp too if there’s any interested parties for tomorrow

And man, fuck me are the ACLU doing an important job right now, they’re pretty much the last barrier between sanity & Trumpocalypse


Think it’s
#pacific time
Friday, btw.

so 8:01am over here then, to be pacific.


Love Paddy Hanna so much.

Check out ex-easter Island head!