Bandcamp are giving their split of proceeds from sales this friday to the american civil liberties union

Good statement, that. Succint and powerful. It may seem like a token gesture to some, but it’s important that people whose opinions can be heard by large groups of people do so. Probably has a wider reach than, say, an MP nowadays.

yeah, like the album a lot but never got round to buying it even though it’s quite cheap

I’ve shared a load of bills with him over the years, love everything he does. This is reminding me to buy the album!

hadn’t listened to him until i saw him supporting Girl Band a while back, and then i saw him do a solo set last year as well. think he’s supporting The Redneck Manifesto next month in Whelans, looking forward to that

this would be quite a timely purchase:

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list of artists/labels donating some/all of their share as well (bandcamp’s own share is 15% for digital or 10% for physical apparently)

(it says Future of the Left but the page link doesn’t work, but Christian Fitness should be on there so might be a mixup)

Xiu Xiu (Donating 100% of revenue from Bandcamp sales for the next four years to the ACLU)



Went to buy the Desperate Journalist album from a couple of years back but frustratingly they only have a link to buy it on CD. No digital download. Let me buy your album as 2017 intended you dinosaurs!

So far, I’ve just got ‘Lemon of Pink’ by the Books. Left 'em a little message; given that my own music was influenced to some extent by listening to snatches of them on about a decade ago, it seems significant I’m finally forking out for a full album of their’s.

That 30 quid will go a long way!



High Aura’d “deeply discounted” discography with all proceeds going to ACLU

Opal Tapes giving their cut to People’s Kitchen Newcastle today/all weekend

The Quietus’ list of where you should be looking for Bandcamp treasures

Can anyone recommend any of Mark McGuire’s ridiculous output recently? I lost track of his releases ages ago and there’s so much on Bandcamp I don’t know where to start.

EDIT: yeah I still dig him, before anyone says “he’s shit”.

Don’t know if anyone else is finding Bandcamp to be running much slower than usual? That seems like a good sign!

most of the new stuff BALAM ACAB have put out is awful, but get that maybe.

I’ve just put a new ambient/drone record up on Bandcamp to coincide with this.

Will donate any proceeds I make to Hope Not Hate. Fighting fascism on both sides of the UK!

I’m on my way home from the pub but I think the Destructao compilation I’m listening to while waiting for my train came from Bandcamp -Brazilian post punk from Sao Paulo (I think…)

If I’m back today I’ll download Moor Mother.