Bandcamp business - SongTradr, staff layoffs, the future

Great isn’t it?

Or is it actually evil for some reason I’m not aware of?

I know a lot of artists let you listen to whole albums on it for free but for those who don’t is there any reason why a ‘micro payment’ model for listening wouldn’t work?

Say £1 to listen to an album 3 times (but that is taken off the price if you subsequently buy the download or physical release)? Or bandcamp credit where you pay say 10p per single listen of a track?

I’m pretty sure this would cover my ‘discovery’ needs/desires as well as Spotify for the same money but with far more going to the artist.

I guess if that was a good idea it would have been done already.

As a fan I really like it.

As a podcast host it’s a never ending treasure trove. Also, really easy for labels and artists to share promos.

I have no idea what it is like as an artist.

<3 Bandcamp

Only good streaming platform

And obvs great for buying stuff too


As a platform it does seem to be growing…larger acts appear to be getting their own “artist page”. Although it’s still far from having the library size of Spotify etc., it is a long way from just having Asthmatic Kitty stuff.

For me it’s the best place for new acts to initially develop (in recent years the likes of Car Seat Headrest and Alex G, amongst others, have emerged)…but eventually they do sign with a label…primarily to get financial backing to release more music. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of stuff lurking on there which could be huge (well, relatively so) in a few years.

heard yesterday that 99.2% of streams on spotify are to 10% of the music there

so that’s 0.8% of the streams on 90% of the music
wonder what they are going to concentrate on when they float & have shareholders to worry about?

love me some bandcamp

Yeah it’s good but it’s still pretty niche and only really for music nerds. Normies dont go there or buy stuff from there.


Well as an artist I think it’s just super

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Bandcamp is amazing. A true and viable alternative to Spotify et al. Gives artists a platform and offers them instant stats, plus it seems to be growing all the time. The amount of bands I’ve found through it is immense

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Two of my favourite artists are on there doing great but different things, both of which are ace.

Babybird/Stephen Jones releasing stacks of music (sometimes too much let’s face) without the need for a label as well as some very nice limited edition/personalised CDs

Jk Broadrick releasing tons of old/out of print stuff, sometimes originally only issued on short runs of CDRs, alternative mixes of albums, etc Music | AVALANCHE RECORDINGS

I don’t use Spotify so it’s not an alternative as such, but I do be loving it


If I’m going to purchase an album, I’ll always check if the artist has a Bandcamp page first. Love Bandcamp. :+1:


I’ve been aware of Bandcamp for a while but only just started engaging with it really.

I know there are endless articles on the impact of streaming but I thought this recent one was interesting - but I couldn’t quite get at what the central premise around engaging with fans was getting at but essentially it is Bandcamp isn’t it?

Especially wth Playlists and the dominance of playlists as the key tool in Spotify I think it is really developing essentially as a new form of radio - something that is on in the background.

I think the average DIS reader probably uses it more as a discovery and full album/personal curation service but that’s not typical. So i can see how it is morphing into a sort of mainstream radio station which is dominated by the big acts. I guess the danger is bigger acts demand bigger payments and then spotify try to pass on the costs to smaller artists.

Just use it now and then to see what Babybird is up to. Have bought some great Audio Antihero stuff off there too.

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It’s great, and it’s nice to see some of the larger artists and labels start to embrace it too (at least in the indie/electronic world).

It desperately needs a bit of a redesign though – it’s user interface and design is looking really dated.

Maybe it would be handy if it had a decent web player like the Spotify so you could browse and listen in the same tab - but then you’d be listening ‘to Bandcamp’ rather than an individual artist, and the focus is always on the artists and music, not the service itself.

The simplicity of it is part of its appeal I think.

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Bandcamp is the absolute best

I love it

Here’s mine

To be brutally honest Bandcamp could do with a bit of added functionality, perhaps a slight re-design and a bit better integration into other sites in order to reach a larger audience but I still love it - the people who work in support there are really great too

I’m a bit stumped to be honest as to why so many sites prefer to use SoundCloud or Spotify links over Bandcamp links when they post up things - way better for the artists to make Bandcamp the go to

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yeah this article is literally just describing bandcamp

oh wait

dunno what the point in the article is then. spotify is bad? duh

yeah, people who live in spotifyland do not give a fuck and never will. preaching to the choir mate!!

Infinitely more likely to buy something if it’s available on bandcamp than if not.

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