Bandcamp donating proceeds to The Transgender Law Center

Today, all Bandcamp’s proceeds from digital sales go to the Transgender Law Center and a whole bunch of labels/artists are donating their cut of proceeds, too.

I used it as an excuse to buy a bunch of Horse Lords’ stuff, finally actually pay for Deafheaven’s New Bermuda and a new track Grouper put up to mark the occasion.

Figured you guys might be interested.


yeah, great initiative, not least because the support is so visible

Bit conflicted though about promoting my own stuff under this umbrella so I uploaded a special release and am gonna donate 100% of the income from it to The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights as well - it’s a remix I did for Glass Animals about 3 years ago that failed to make the cut for their remix EP. Thought I’d put it out there for 24 hours

I’ve backed it with an edit of an Angie Davis lecture that talks about why transgender rights & intersectionality are so crucial to us moving forward as a society and understanding our own struggle against what’s ideologocially constituted as ‘normal’


Also, this is some good direct support for trans artists